Construction equipment in rural Alaska

Choosing the Right Equipment for Your Business in Rural Alaska

Your choice of equipment for your rural Alaska business could mean all the difference in your company’s long-term success. Get the right equipment, and you set your business up to thrive. On the other hand, your company might suffer if the equipment is not suited to your work and the harsh conditions your team faces every day. Here are some questions you should consider as you decide what equipment to purchase or rent.

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Will This Equipment Do What You Need It to Do?

Of course, the first consideration is to get the right equipment for the job you need it to accomplish. At ESI, we have powerful equipment that manages work that other equipment can’t handle. Here are four types of ESI equipment and what they can do.

JCB 1CXT Backhoe Loader

AS ESI Vice President Nick Ferree explains, “The JCB 1CXT [backhoe loader] is well-suited for rural Alaska given its versatility and compact layout.” This equipment has both a front loader and backhoe, so it can tackle a variety of projects. Its rugged rubber tracks manage any type of terrain. With a 50hp engine, it does not require DEF. An extremely popular product, this unit comes from world-leading backhoe producer JCB, a company that builds more backhoes than any other brand.

ES5000 Self-Contained Mobile Industrial Heater

The ES5000 Self-Contained Mobile Industrial Heater from ESI is the ideal equipment for providing heat for facilities and equipment. When your equipment needs to be started in extremely cold weather, this unit allows it to warm up and start. In addition, our heaters can provide emergency heating for facilities. Any time a building or home loses its heat source, you can set up this mobile heater immediately to prevent the building from freezing up. 

Another task the ES5000 heater can manage easily is providing heat for emergency repairs to utilities and infrastructure. When subzero temperatures happen, the heaters allow workers to complete waterline repairs, electrical repairs, and many other critical tasks.

Mobile Water Pumps

ESI’s mobile water pumps work reliably, every time, to move water powerfully and efficiently so you can accomplish tasks like:

  • Pump water to manage flooding events
  • Complete sewer bypasses
  • Dewater sites for construction projects
  • Pump water for forest fires, fitting fires, or building fires

Having a mobile water pump like the ones from ESI makes difficult situations much more manageable. Because our water pumps use high-performance Kubota engines, they can handle the work you need them to do. Therefore, if you ever foresee having the need to move or remove water in the course of your business activities, it makes sense to get an ESI pump that you can trust. 

Backup and Prime Power Generators

ESI also offers backup generators to provide you with automated backup power for all your facilities and operations. If the power goes out, you can rely on our generators to keep your facilities from freezing up. In addition, our generators ensure that medical facilities can keep providing life-saving care when their usual power source is unavailable. Cold weather is no problem for our generators, as they start and run in temperatures as low as -40 degrees. 

What’s more, the generators keep utility systems and communications systems going strong whenever the power goes out. Our systems’ extended service interval package allows you to continue operating with much less downtime and on-site maintenance.

ESI: Meeting Unique Needs Across Rural Alaska

ESI not only has the best equipment, but our company stands behind it all the way. Besides offering excellent, cold-weather-tested equipment, our team has gone the extra mile to meet the unique needs of rural Alaskan communities. 

Providing Emergency Heat

When a fire at a rural Alaskan school damaged the building, ESI coordinated with the community to deliver ES5000 heaters. We brought in the heaters on a HERC air flight to provide the school and community quickly and efficiently with emergency heat. Thus, the area avoided additional damage and kept its buildings and people safe from the cold.

Help with Ice Road Construction

Every year, the Village of Healy Lake in interior Alaska constructs an ice road for community access. To help them complete this task, ESI designed and built a special trailer-mounted water pump/generator combo. Now, the village uses this unit for backup power, ice road construction, firefighting, and various other tasks.

Generators for Mountain Top Communication Sites

The communications sites in Western Alaska, as well as in other areas, are incredibly important. Without them, emergency response, education, medical, and infrastructure support would be virtually impossible. However, with ESI providing generators for mountaintop communications sites, these services and activities can continue uninterrupted. After all, the generators provided by ESI are designed to run 24/7 in the same harsh environments found at these mountaintop sites.

Will the Equipment Hold Up to Arctic Weather?

The Alaskan climate presents challenges few regions face. Snow, frigid temperatures, and extremely harsh storms can put a stop to your operations if you are using equipment that won’t withstand the climate. So, before you choose your equipment, be sure that it truly is suited for the weather you encounter in rural Alaska.

Cold-Weather Designed

Before ESI equipment is ever produced, it goes through a rigorous design process. The design takes place in interior Alaska so that the designers can address cold weather issues before the design is ever approved. At each phase of the design, the equipment is cold weather tested to ensure the best outcomes.

Built and Tested to Be Cold-Weather Tough

At ESI, we pay attention to every detail in building and testing every unit. We have been providing equipment and services in Alaska for over 20 years, so we know the challenges you face. We test our units at our own facilities as well as at our customers’ sites. We test in extreme conditions and on mountaintops, the North Slope, and rural Alaska. After abundant feedback from our customers and 20 years of on-site testing in Alaska, there can be no doubt that ESI equipment is built to withstand whatever weather challenges nature sends its way.

Is It Available Now, in Your Location?

It’s great to find the perfect equipment for your business. Yet, if it isn’t available to you, it doesn’t help you at all. At ESI, we always keep all the above equipment in stock. What’s more, we have a sophisticated shipping system that uses the best means of transport for each individual situation. We can use trucks, air freight with HERCs or other cargo planes, charter flights, or barges. We coordinate the entire journey, from ESI to your location, wherever it is. In fact, we can get ESI equipment to any community in rural Alaska.

Does the Equipment Company Have an Excellent Track Record?

Suppose you found equipment that seems adequate, but you aren’t sure about the company that provides it. The equipment may be fine, but if it isn’t backed up by a stable, reliable, and proactive supplier, you may experience difficulties after the units are at your site. 

When you choose ESI for your cold-weather equipment, you get the best of all worlds. First, you can benefit from our expertise, as we provide you with all the information and statistics you need to make an informed choice. Next, we provide you with exceptional equipment that is cold-weather tested to function extremely well, even in harsh Arctic climates. Finally, we deliver the equipment to you quickly, ensuring it arrives on time and in its best condition. 

ESI serves a variety of industries, including oil, gas, and construction businesses. Yet, we offer our units for sale or rent to any company that needs strong, reliable industrial equipment. With ESI at your service, you can have the equipment you need for the projects that matter to your business.

Do you need tough equipment that does its work reliably, even in bitter temperatures? Call us at ESI to learn how our products can benefit you.