Arctic tough pumps driven by reliable, high-performance Kubota engines.

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Arctic Enclosure Pump

• Industry leading 6” pump designed and built for cold weather operation
• Engine fluid containment standard
• Heater ducting connection for easy freeze protection

Tier 3 Diesel Engine

Tier 3 Diesel Engine
Powered Pumps

• Remaining inventory of Tier 3 Diesel Engine powered 6” and 4” pumps
• Avoid the hassle and cost of Tier 4 Final engine solutions
• While supplies last

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Triplex Pump

• Mobile, Self-Contained Triplex pump unit design and built for extreme environments
• #1 Triplex Pump on the North Slope Oil Fields of Alaska
• Innovative control solutions for increased safety and ease of operation

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Water/Fluid Transfer Pumps

4” Water Pump (ES-CP41) 35hp 900 90 3" Self-Priming Skid or Trailer
6” Water Pump (ES-PP60) 70hp 3000 140 3" Auto-Priming Trailer
6” Water Pump (ES-SP60) 95hp 2400 160 3” Auto-Priming Trailer
6” Arctic Water Pump (ES-SP60-ENC) 95hp 2400 160 3” Auto-Priming Trailer with Arctic Enclosure

Miscellaneous Pumps

Triplex Pump (ES-TTM0) 99hp 6400 PSI 24 GPM Class 1, Div 1 Trailer with Arctic Enclosure
Fuel Transfer Pump (ES-BF) Up to 99hp Varies

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