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Meet The Fairbanks ESI Team!

Get To Know The heartbeat of equipment source, inc.

It’s time you put a face to a name and get to know our sales team. Their face will be one of the first things you see when visiting ESI. Are you curious about our equipment inventory or used equipment inventory or have a question about a particular model? Whatever the case may be, our sales team is here to listen and help you with your individual equipment needs.

What Sets Our Equipment Source Sales Team Apart?

One of the many things that set our sales team apart from other companies is that our sales team does not take a commission on your purchase. Which takes the pressure off you and us and allows our sales team to focus on delivering the best possible experience. Our team is here to answer your questions and help you find the right equipment to accomplish your next project.

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Steve DeMolen (email Steve)

Meet Steve DeMolen

Steve has been in the heavy equipment industry since 1981 and has been a part of our sales team since 2003. He’s a powerhouse when it comes to the ESI sales team. He has a wealth of knowledge about competing brands, but he’s also been an equipment technician. This invaluable background makes him well educated and easy to work with on the ins and outs of heavy equipment.

We asked Steve what his favorite piece of equipment was, saying “Kubota B & L Series. I own both, and they make my life easier.”

When asked what’s one thing you think the public should know about ESI, Steve said, “We go beyond the sale. It’s not just a transaction but an experience. We’re here to help you well after the sale. Whether that’s with parts, attachments, or service. We’re your one-stop shop. We’re here to listen and match you with equipment that fits your individual needs and budget.”

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Chad Marcy
(email Chad)

Meet Chad Marcy

Chad has a military background, has lived in Alaska since 1995, and has been in the heavy equipment industry for 31 Years. Working in product support and heavy equipment mechanics makes him an MVP salesman. He has excellent knowledge about the specs and features of the equipment. Plus, he’s also able to help troubleshoot your mechanic questions.

When we asked Chad what is one thing you think people should know about Equipment Source Inc. He said, “ESI is an innovative company with a very friendly staff. ESI is the place to go when you need custom equipment to fit your unique Alaskan needs, all while done with a can-do attitude.”

We think all Alaskans can agree with Chad on how much we love our Alaskan summers. The extended daylight allows us to enjoy more of the day and get more done. Which is always a good feeling!

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Milo Hajdukovich (email Milo)

Meet Milo Hajdukovich

Milo may be our youngest salesman, but he’s highly knowledgeable. Before joining the sales team, Milo was a yard hand at ESI. So, he knows how to use and operate the equipment and can point out all the unique features that make our equipment so great.

When we asked Milo what’s the one thing people should know about ESI, he said, “we take pride in assisting and servicing customers’ equipment after the sale.” He adds, “Our service doesn’t stop once you purchase the machine, and we’re here for you when it needs to be serviced, parts, attachments, and any other needs you may have later down the road.”

Milo’s favorite part about Alaskan summers is “the amount of sunlight we get, and not to mention operating equipment is a lot easier when it’s not -30 outside.”

Pro Tip: If you’re interested in skid steers, Milo is your guy, and they’re his favorite piece of equipment! He enjoys talking with customers about them because they can run various attachments for different projects. 

What you can expect from our Equipment Sales team

Our sales team is always willing to go the extra mile for their customers. We have a wide range of employees with different specialties. Which stacks our sales teams with key players and allows us to provide you answers to any question you may have regarding equipment.

In conclusion…

Our team loves getting to meet and talk to new people daily. They’ll work with you to help find equipment that fits your individual needs. Steve, Chad, and Milo love what they do, which will bring you back for all your project needs. 

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