ESI History


ESI Alaska has been operating in Alaska since 2000, when we first started reconditioning heaters on Alaska's North Slope. .We discovered that Arctic challenges require solutions that are Built Arctic Tough. That's the guiding principle behind everything we do today.

For more than two decades we have manufactured innovative products for extreme conditions.

Today, we have perfected our process and developed a wide selection of some of the toughest products on earth. We have taken Arctic Tough equipment beyond Alaska and to the rest of the country, with our locations in Seattle, Washington.

We specialize in high-quality equipment for the oil, mining, construction, and agriculture industries.

Here is a timeline of how we've grown and evolved since 2000.

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ESI Founded in Fairbanks
esi logo 01
ESI was founded in Fairbanks in 2000 Get to know us
First product delivered
reconditioned tioga heater

We delivered our first reconditioned Tioga heater

First ES700 Production

First ES700 heater produced in Fairbanks

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Moved to New Location
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ESI Moved to Romans Way facility.
We begin significant production of ES700 Heaters

First Stand-Alone Generator Production
es15 web

ESI began production of the ES 1.5 Generator

First Bull Rail Trailer

We produced our First Bull Rail Trailer

First Shower Trailer

ESI’s First Shower Trailer was produced

First Triplex Production
triplex web

ESI’s First Triplex was produced

Move to VanHorn Location

ESI moves to 1919 Van Horn Road

Becomes Kubota Dealer
kubota log0

ESI becomes a Kubota Engine America Dealer

Becomes Flagro Dealer
flagro logo web

ESI becomes a Flagro Dealer

Becomes Kubota Tractor Dealer
kubota tractor

ESI becomes a Kubota Tractor Dealer

New Anchorage Location
anchorage location

ESI opens an new Anchorage location at 7780 Old Seward Highway
(update – In October 2023, they moved to 5801 Silverado Way)

North Slope Heater Sales
esi company photos 045
  • One Thousand ES700 heaters sold on the North Slope
  • New Location opens in Renton Washington
New Product Launches
  • First Arctic Re-Air Generator Production
  • First APU Production
  • First ES1000 Production
  • First H-Tank Production
First Canadian Heater Sales
canada sales

First Heaters sold into Canada

Water Pumps – Canadian Heaters – New Generators
ESI 6-inch water pump-Made In Alaska
  • First 6” & 4” Water Pump Production
  • ESI Begins Renting ES700 Heaters in Canada
  • First less than 15kw Tier 4 Final Generator Production
New Locations – Shindaiwa – ES500
  • ESI Opens Kent, WA and Billings, MT locations
  • ESI becomes Shindaiwa Generator Dealer
  • First ES500 Production
Alaska Rental Fleet – New Locations in WY and ND
  • ESI Opens Cheyenne, WY & Billings, MT locations
  • ESI Construction Rental Fleet Started in Alaska
First ES3000 Thaw Boss
thawboss web
  • First ES3000 (Thaw Boss) Production
  • ESI Closes Cheyenne, WY & Williston, ND locations
First Flight Line Heater
  • First Flight-Line Heater Production
ES 2.0 – Vertical Light Tower – Weber
  • First ES2.0 Production
  • First Vertical LED Light Tower (for heaters) Production
  • ESI becomes Weber MT Dealer
  • Renton, WA and Kent, WA consolidated to Tukwila, WA
2019 Highlights
  • First greater than 15kw Tier 4 Final Generator Production
  • ESI becomes Isuzu Engine Dealer
  • First Isuzu power generator production
  • ESI becomes JCB Dealer for Alaska
  • Made in Alaska Permit holder
Opens New Service Center
serviceshop web

ESI opens our new service center in Fairbanks

Becomes Ariens Dealer

ESI becomes an Ariens Snow Blower Dealership

2022 Highlights
fedc web
  • First JCB powered generator production
  • First Rural Alaska EPA Tier 4 Final Exemption Generator production
  • First Arctic Air Compressor production
  • Certified Bush Friendly business