Legacy of Innovation

Over 20 years of Arctic innovation for some of the toughest jobs on earth.

Designing and building Arctic tough equipment for the needs of Alaskans.

We build custom equipment from the ground up, which means we are the people Alaskans call if they need something made for a special application. Our elite team of engineers and fabricators are pioneering new ways of solving Arctic challenges together with our customers.

We design innovative solutions that help you do things like:

  • Transport large equipment via boat or plane
  • Refuel your equipment in remote locations
  • Source power and heat from the same generator
  • Light and heat your jobsite with one product
  • Heat your coffee while you run your drill rig
  • Plug your crew’s vehicles in while you work

We rely on technology like:

  • Simul-Phase™ power generation
  • Heat exchange technology
  • Kubota diesel engines
  • Automatic transfer switches
  • Lightweight aluminum paneling

Reliable and efficient equipment for extreme cold weather operations.

The equipment we build is designed to reliably withstand Arctic temperatures and to operate efficiently under harsh conditions with limited resources. We cold weather test all our equipment in extreme sub-zero temperatures at our manufacturing site in Fairbanks.

Our signature innovative products include:

  • ES700 Heater, the benchmark for reliable heat in North Slope, Alaska.
  • Thaw Boss, the new standard in hydronic heating for Arctic conditions.
  • Re-Air Enclosure for worry-free sub-zero power generation all winter.
  • Long Run Oil Tank with 3,000-hour oil change intervals (rather than 300).
  • Secondary Containment Unit, no fuel leaks and environmentally friendly!

Made for travel and use in remote locations.

We understand that in the Arctic, half of the job is getting the equipment to the jobsite. Our equipment is built, not only to operate reliably and efficiently in the field, but to disassemble and transport via ice road, barge, bush plane, helicopter, or however you need to get it there.

Quick turnaround on designs for special applications.

Our in-house team of engineers and fabricators are ready at a moment’s notice to get started on your custom project. We can take your product all the way from design to fabrication to bodywork, sandblasting and painting your new piece of equipment to match your fleet.

Environmentally friendly products that keep Alaska beautiful.

We prioritize efficient use of fossil fuels and minimal impact on the environment in every product we design. Our staff live in Alaska, love spending time outdoors in the Arctic, and they will do everything they can to protect the beauty of their home state.

Ready to get the job done?