100KVA Packaged Generator


100kVA/80kW 3-phase
58kW Single-phase

The Shindaiwa DGK100D combines design simplicity with uncompromising standards of engineering and manufacturing excellence. This powerful generator set features a rated output of 100kVA / 80kW and provides both single and three phase voltage settings. It is powered by a rugged, fuel-efficient Isuzu diesel engine and is exceptionally quiet thanks to advanced sound-absorbing technology. The durable all-weather outer enclosure provides protection against the elements; when outfitted with the optional ESI-exclusive Re-Air attachment, the DGK100D will perform reliably in the coldest of temperatures.

Features & benefits

  • Rugged, fuel-efficient Isuzu diesel engine
  • Two-way tank valve for easy connection with auxiliary tanks
  • Ultra Quiet Technology for class-leading sound-level reduction
  • Lightweight and exceptionally compact to fit into tight spaces
  • Connects easily and is simple to operate
  • Voltage selector permits matching output to load
  • Lockable switch protects against improper voltage change
  • Delivers both single and 3-phase output
  • Low oil pressure and high coolant temperature result in automatic shut-down
  • Durable all-weather outer enclosure with powder coated exterior and stainless steel fasteners

Available mounting

  • Skid mounted (standard)
  • Trailer mounted


  • ESI-exclusive Re-Air attachment regulates airflow to maintain a constant temperature within the enclosure


Generator type Revolving field brushless AC3 Phase-120/240V1 Phase
Rated output 100 kVA80 kW
Voltage Three-phase: 208, 240, 480 VSingle-phase: 120, 139, 240, 277 V
Current Single-phase 120V: 242 x 2 A (ZigZag)Single-phase 240V: 242A (ZigZag)Three-phase 240V: 241AThree-phase 480V: 120A
Frequency regulation 50 / 60 Hz ± less than 0.25%
Rated speed 1800 / 1500 rpm
Winding Star w/ neutral
Power factor 0.8
Insulation class F
Excitation Self-excitation (Brushless)
No. of poles 4
Type Vertical water-cooled 4-cycle diesel
Model Isuzu BT-4HK1
No. of cylinders 4
Bore x stroke 6.10 x 4.92 in (155 x 125 mm)
Continuous rated output 114.7 kW / 1800 min-1155.1 PS / 1800 min-1
Rated speed 1800 / 1500 rpm
Displacement 317 cu in (5.193 L)
Combustion system Direct fuel injection, turbo, intercooler
Cooling method Radiator
Lubricating method Forced lubrication
Starting method Electric start
Fuel ASTEM #2 Diesel
Fuel capacity 58.6 gal (222 L)
Fuel consumption 5.147 gph (23.4 lph) @ full load
Oil CD class or higher
Oil capacity 5.81 gal (22 L)
Coolant capacity 6.07 gal (23 L)
Starting motor capacity 12V – 2.5kW
Charging alternator capacity 12V – 110A
Battery capacity 12V – 150AH
Length 102 in (2590 mm)
Width 49 in (1240 mm)
Height 71 in (1800 mm)
Dry weight 4564 lb (2070 kg)


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Highlight Specs

Continuous Three-Phase Output (KVA): 100
Output Phase: 1Ø or 3Ø
Rated Speed (60hz): 1800 RPM
Engine: Isuzu 4HK1
Emission Certification: EPA Tier 3
Configuration: Packaged Enclosure