60KVA Packaged Generator


60kVA/48kW 3-phase
36kW Single-phase

The Shindaiwa DGK60D delivers three phase and dual-voltage single-phase power simultaneously thanks to patented Simul-Phase Technology. This generator set is powered by a rugged, fuel-efficient Kubota diesel engine and features a rated output of 60kVA / 48kW.  It is exceptionally quiet thanks to advanced sound-absorbing technology. The durable all-weather outer enclosure provides protection against the elements; when outfitted with the optional ESI-exclusive Re-Air attachment, the DGK60D will perform reliably in the coldest of temperatures.

Features & benefits

  • Rugged, fuel-efficient Kubota diesel engine
  • Simul-Phase Technology delivers simultaneous three-phase and dual-voltage single phase power
  • ​Two-way tank valve for easy connection with auxillary tanks
  • Ultra Quiet Technology for class-leading sound-level reduction
  • Lightweight and exceptionally compact to fit into tight spaces
  • Connects easily and is simple to operate
  • Large 111 gallon fuel tank
  • Eco-mode running means less fuel consumption
  • Spill containment
  • Low oil pressure and high coolant temperature automatic shut-downs
  • Durable all-weather outer enclosure with powder coated exterior and stainless steel fasteners

Available mounting

  • Skid mounted (standard)
  • Trailer mounted


  • ESI-exclusive Re-Air attachment regulates airflow to maintain a constant temperature within the enclosure


Generator type Revolving field brushless ACSimultaneous 3-Phase 120/240V1 Phase
Rated frequency 60 Hz
Rated output Three-phase: 60 kVA / 48 kWSingle-phase: 36/[18]*1 kVA / 36/[18]*1 kW
Rated voltage Three-phase: 208, 240, [480]*1 VSingle-phase: 120, 139, 240, [277]*1 V
Rated current Three-phase 208V: 144AThree-phase 240V: 144AThree-phase 480V: 72ASingle-phase 120V: 150 x 2 [75 x 2]*1Single-phase 240V: 150 [75]*1
Power factor Three-phase 0.8Single-phase 1.0
Insulation class F
Excitation Self-excitation (Brushless)
No. of poles 4
Type Vertical water-cooled 4-cycle diesel
Model Kubota V3800DI-TI
No. of cylinders 4
Bore x stroke 3.94 x 4.72 in (100 x 120 mm)
Continuous rated output 77 hp
Rated speed 1800 rpm
Displacement 230 cu in (3.769 L)
Combustion system Direct injection (Turbo-charged)
Cooling method Radiator
Lubricating method Forced lubrication
Starting method Electric start
Fuel #2-D EPA regulation
Fuel capacity 111 gal (420 L)
Oil CF class or higher
Oil capacity 3.5 gal (13.2 L)
Coolant capacity 3.3 gal (12.5 L)
Starting motor capacity 12V – 3.0 kW
Charging alternator capacity 12V – 960W
Battery capacity 12V – 92AH
Length 78 in (1970 mm)
Width 35 in (880 mm)
Height 64 in (1630 mm)
Dry weight 2843 lb (1290 kg)
Installed weight 3703 lb (1680 kg)

Outputs shown in above *1 are measured when the voltage selector switch is set to 240V.


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Highlight Specs

Continuous Three-Phase Output (KVA): 60
Output Phase: 1Ø or 3Ø
Rated Speed (60hz): 1800 RPM
Engine: Kubota V3800
Emission Certification: EPA Tier 3
Configuration: Packaged Enclosure