3 Steps for the Best Alaska Mower Maintenance Routine

Springtime is here and the meltdown is happening! That means our lawns will need some extra TLC soon, and there’s no better lawn care equipment brand than Gravely. Known for their precise manufacturing, efficient mowing, and durability, Gravely gives you the best mower that’s built to last.

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One way to ensure your Gravely will truly last, especially in our harsher and often-changing Alaska climate, is to have an effective mower maintenance routine. These recommended maintenance tips include oil and air filter changes, sharpening mower blades, cleaning the mower deck, checking mower belts, and cleaning the battery terminals. 

Keep reading for more detailed info on the best Alaska mower maintenance routine for excellent lawn mower care!

1. The Best Routine Gravely Mower Maintenance in Alaska

First things first is pre-season prep. You want to do this before it’s time to get your Gravely out and start mowing. This includes an oil change, oil filter change, air filter change, and transaxle oil change. If you don’t remember the hours your mower is at for when the manual suggests these changes, err on the side of caution and change before the season begins!

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Throughout the season, you’ll want to do regular maintenance tasks, like cleaning your mower deck, sharpening your mower blades, checking the blade balance and mower belts, and cleaning the battery terminals. Be sure to make these adjustments and tune-ups in the middle of the season, to keep your mower running smoothly.

When the season is over, it’s time to prep your mower for winter. This includes cleaning your mower, stabilizing your gas in the mower tank, changing or topping off the oil in your mower, and stocking up on replacement parts that are usually in high demand during the busy time of the season. Head over to your trusted Gravely dealer (*cough* us here at ESI Alaska) to stock up on next season’s supply of parts, like belts and blades!

2. Essential Tools and Supplies for Mower Maintenance

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In order to perform the necessary maintenance for your Gravely, you need the right tools and supplies, like:

  • Drain pan
  • Spare oil
  • Oil filter
  • Air filter
  • Spare blades
  • Hydro Gear transaxle oil
  • Breaker bar or an impact gun to remove hardware retaining mower blades
  • Grease for all pivot points and pin connections on the mower, plus caster fork bearings and caster wheel hubs

Replacement and maintenance parts like belts, blades, lubricants, oils, and even a maintenance kit, can be sourced from us, your trusted Gravely dealer. We know exactly what you and your mowers need to continue performing at their best throughout the season.

3. Troubleshooting Common Issues

When starting your Gravely mower maintenance, one problem is that your mower simply won’t start after being stored away for months. Don’t panic, though! Here are some troubleshooting tips that often solve the issue right away:

  1. Check the fuel and oil levels
  2. Inspect the spark plug and wire
  3. Make sure there are no blown fuses
  4. Examine battery

If you notice something not working quite right with your mower, it is important to make timely repairs and keep up preventative maintenance to prevent any further damage. Refer to your owner’s manual or stop by one of our shops in Fairbanks or Anchorage for more tips and guidance on Gravely mower maintenance.

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It’s just about that time of year for working on our lawns, and the best mower this summer is definitely a Gravely. With their excellent USA-made manufacturing and implementing the best mower maintenance tips mentioned above, you can be rest assured that your Gravely will last for many, many seasons to come – if not generations!

If you don’t already have one, chat with us about purchasing a Gravely Mower! Not only do we have the best residential mowers in stock, but we also have pro-level Gravely Mowers for commercial use – guaranteed to get the job done and get it done right. Take a look at our Gravely mowers or give us a call to chat with one of our experts!

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