Reasons Why Your Project Might Be a Good Fit For a Heater Rental

Do you have an outdoor project or worksite that will require long hours outside in colder weather? You’ll want to prevent damage to yourself (or employees), to your materials, and to your other equipment, and this is where industrial heaters come in. We have multiple industrial jobsite heaters available for rent, so read on to learn more about what type of ESI Alaska heater is best for you and why!

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If you’re looking for something truly Arctic Tough, look no further than the Equipment Source Inc. manufactured ES700 self-contained mobile industrial heater. The diesel-fueled Carlin 301CRD burner delivers a maximum output of 770,000 BTU/hr at 4000 CFM for up to 37 hours between refuels. An extended-run oil sump extends the ES700’s oil service interval up to 3000 hours for a long run with less down time. And since it’s powered by an industry-leading Kubota diesel engine paired with a Mecc Alte generator end, this durable industrial heater is built to last. Read more about this heater here.

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Meet the new standard in hydronic heat: the ES3000 Thaw Boss. This mobile hydronic heater produces 334,000 BTU/hr of effective heat output with the capability to handle 5,000 square feet of ground thaw quickly. Four 750-foot hoses ensure maximum uniformity in the thaw field for even thawing and curing over large areas. The combination of innovative Equipment Source Inc. design with a reliable Kubota engine and a powerful, efficient Buderus boiler results in a heavy-duty, Arctic Tough hydronic heating platform which exceeds the competition in heat output, fuel efficiency, and durability. Read more about this heater here.

For those wanting superior jobsite safety with gas explosion detection, check out our Equipment Source Inc. manufactured ES700B-SS Sensor Safe Heater. This diesel industrial heater produces a maximum output 770,000 BTU/hr at 4,000 CFM for 38+ hours between refuels. With the added gas explosion detection, this sensor safe heater is proven to be a reliable option, safer than flameless heaters for your project or jobsite. Read more about this heater here.

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Equipment Source Inc.worked closely with small and large aircraft operations in Alaska to develop mobile, pre-flight heaters that meet their needs. Combining innovation and durability on the tarmac, these reliable and economical ground support heaters stand up to the harshest of Arctic Tough conditions. See our full line of flight-line heaters here.

Whether you’re looking for something built to withstand the harshest winter environments in Alaska or something safe and reliable for your small business or household project, our ESI Alaska heater rentals will help you get the job done. View our full list of rentals available or give us a call to get started on your rental!

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