Here's Why We're the Best Choice for Fairbanks Equipment

Looking for a new source for all your Fairbanks equipment needs?

Equipment Source, Inc. (ESI) is the best choice among industrial equipment vendors and manufacturers for Fairbanks, Alaska and all other regions of the Lower 48 that experience Arctic and near-Arctic temperatures.

Why is that?

Because we vend and manufacture our equipment in Fairbanks. This means that our manufactured equipment is cold weather tested in the extreme sub-zero climate in which it is intended to operate, and our vended equipment is chosen based on its ability to withstand Arctic conditions.

We also design and build custom products for our clients based on their experiences in the field. This feedback loop of ours means that when you source from us, you are working with only the most efficient and effective equipment for the job.

Finally, we offer equipment both for rent and sale, which means you have the sourcing options you need to get the job done!

Keep reading to learn more about why ESI is the best choice for Fairbanks equipment.

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1. We Vend and Manufacture Our Equipment in Fairbanks

Nobody needs their industrial heaters, generators, or pumps to break down at -40°F in the dead of winter.

Not only is this a pain and an inconvenience for you, but it’s a safety hazard for your field workers who are relying on your Fairbanks equipment to work as intended at extreme sub-zero temperatures. Equipment breaking down also costs your company money that it otherwise would not need to spend.

That’s why we manufacture “Arctic-rated” heaters, generators, and pumps and we vend earth moving equipment from top brand names like Kubota and JCB. We also manufacture a variety of specialty equipment for Arctic applications and we maintain an inventory of parts.

Our team of engineers, welders, fabricators, technicians, assembly workers, painters, and sandblasters live and work in Fairbanks, so they are very familiar with the challenges our climate presents. We started reconditioning heaters on the North Slope in 2000, and we have been ensuring that Arctic and near-Arctic locations have viable equipment solutions for their weather conditions ever since.

Want to know more about ESI? You can learn more about who we are on our About Us page.

2. We Design and Build Innovative, Custom Equipment for Our Fairbanks Clients

What does it look like to have a Fairbanks equipment partner who takes your needs and feedback into consideration when manufacturing your products?

Well, here are a couple examples.

Example #1: Fairbanks Equipment for the Oil & Gas Industry

One of our largest clients is located in Prudhoe Bay on the North Slope. They use hundreds of our Fairbanks manufactured heaters, specifically the ES700 model, which is the benchmark for heat on the North Slope (there are over 1,000 ES700 heaters up North), and they couldn’t seem to get enough of our light towers.

We decided to build a product with their needs in mind that we had never sold before, an ES700 heater with a light tower attached. We gave a VP of their company a hands-on tour of our manufacturing facility–something we do for all our clients–showing them how their products are designed, fabricated, and cold weather tested. We also showed them our new product, which they liked and decided to use.

Even before it included the light tower fixture, the ES700 heater was made for our client’s needs. The ES700 heater is:

  • Highly efficient, recirculating and reheating contained, warm air rather than taking in -40°F cold air to reheat.
  • Environmentally-safe, featuring a secondary containment system for no fuel leaks.
  • Known for its long-run oil pans, which can be changed every 3,000 hours rather than every 300 hours, keeping down labor costs and waste.

Think About It: If you are changing the oil on hundreds of heaters every 300 hours rather than every 3,000 hours, how much are you paying your workers for the same service, many of which cost $150,000 in salary per year?

Even though the ES700 heater is a great standalone product for the oil & gas industry, we are all about making a pencil sharper, so we were happy to attach a light tower to this heater for our client! They were happy too.

Example #2: Fairbanks Equipment for the Aviation Industry

We have a client here in Fairbanks, a local air carrier serving our bush villages. They were using outdated military heaters to warm up their planes prior to use. These heaters cost $10,000-$20,000 per year to maintain. They asked us for help.

We took our vended Flagro heater, which was too hot and would melt their aircraft, and we modified it. We turned up the fan speed on the heater and we engineered a different size and style of ducting–we split the ducting in three directions, one into each engine and one into the main compartment, so as not to catch the plane on fire. We also made different dolly sets to mobilize the heaters so they could be moved under the aircraft, and we modified the fuel tanks so the client could use a jet fuel nozzle to burn jet fuel to run the heaters.

Our heaters are used in the aviation industry all across the state to keep bays warm. We also vend a Kubota RTV X1100 side-by-side that our air carrier clients use to transport the heaters to their aircraft and to pull their luggage carts.

We hope that these examples show you how sourcing your Fairbanks equipment from ESI creates a partnership that will save you time, money, and waste over both the short-term and the long-term operation of your company!

3. We Rent and Sell Our Fairbanks Equipment

We know that creating a custom piece of equipment isn’t always the right answer. Most of the time, a preexisting product will work, especially in the case of our equipment, which has been designed and manufactured with your needs in mind from the start! And sometimes you need a product for a specific project–a product that you may never use again–for just a short timeframe.

When you source your Fairbanks equipment from us, you have a few options:

  1. You can buy our “Arctic-rated” equipment that has been designed and built with over 20 years of experience and innovation in Alaska industries such as oil & gas, aviation, and telecommunications.
  2. You can customize a product for your company and industry’s unique needs. We have a handy form on our website that can help you get started with this process!
  3. You can rent our Fairbanks equipment from us for short-term needs and projects. View our comprehensive list of rental products!

Everything that we do, we do for our clients. For over 20 years, we have been designing and building Fairbanks equipment that withstands Arctic temperatures and meets our clients’ needs. We also strive to make our products as accessible as possible, offering options for rent, sale, and customization. As Equipment Source, Inc., we believe we are the best choice among sources for equipment in Fairbanks.

Are you interested in renting, buying, or building “Arctic-rated” equipment with us? We would love to partner with you as we build a legacy of products created by Alaskans, for Alaskans. Contact us at our Fairbanks location today! We are also located in Anchorage and Seattle.