Equipment Source, Inc.

Fairbanks is a great place to buy equipment. Here’s why.

Alaska is a land of extremes, where anything can happen at any time.

Equipment Source, Inc. (ESI), is a leading provider of Arctic tough equipment. We proudly service the oil and gas, construction, aviation, telecommunication, mining, remote tourism, emergency preparedness and remote logistics industries right around the state.

Most importantly, we can help rural Alaskan customers with time-sensitive needs.

We recently sold and shipped two ES500B-LRT heaters to a customer in rural Alaska, located in a town of about 300 people along the state’s north coast.

These self-contained mobile industrial heaters are a critical component of emergency works currently underway to save parts of a building severely damaged by fire in February. Extreme temperatures caused the water supply to freeze as firefighters battled to save what they could, with the mercury dropping to minus 35°F (with windchills of minus 63°F).

ESI organized the supply of heaters and arranged for quick transport via a Hercules C-130 flight from Prudhoe Bay. They were loaded within six hours of receiving the order.

“Remote logistics in Alaska can be very challenging, and there’s a lot of places where you can’t just run down to Lowes to get what you need,” says Nick Ferree, ESI Vice President.

“One of the things we bring to customers is that we’re used to working in this environment. We know who to contact to pull a time-sensitive order together, we know the airlines, we know the shipping companies, our inventory is here in Alaska. Being local is important.”

We ship all kids of parts, whether they weigh 500lb or cost just $5. If it’s something your business needs urgently, ESI will find a way to get it to your jobsite.

“It’s going to be really important in the next few months, because everyone’s going to be going gung-ho – there’s a really short window to work in summer,” he says.

“If something goes down right now, you will be quickly talking about a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars a day in repairs and lost productivity. So many resources are pulled into the North Slope area in such a short about of time.”

Need to buy Arctic tough equipment in Fairbanks? Contact our office on (907) 458-9049 or make an enquiry via our website.

We Sell JCB, Kubota and Specialist Arctic Equipment

We’re no stranger to Arctic tough conditions. We discovered them for ourselves when we first started reconditioning heaters in North Slope, Alaska, in 2000. The experiences we had there are the guiding principles behind everything we do today.

For the last 20 years, we have been designing and building custom equipment for Arctic applications. To ensure the highest level of quality and innovation, our qualified crew includes mechanical engineers, certified welders, fabricators, technicians, assembly workers, painters, sand blasters and sales and service professionals.

Our products address specific customer needs and we have an open feedback system that means we are constantly learning what our customers need and adjusting our output. We’re always looking for industry needs that have not been met.

Oil and Gas Industry Equipment

Our equipment stays running in North Slope temperatures. Since we started out in the oil and gas industry in 2000, we’ve diversified our portfolio to include a wide range of heaters, generators, pumps and earth-moving equipment suited for jobs of all sizes. For example:

  • Filter Trailer (ESI): This is the best mobile fluid filtration system on the market, designed and constructed for cold weather operations. Duct inlets allow for an ESI Industrial Direct Heater to be connected to the enclosure, providing freeze protection and a warm work environment.
  • Industrial Jobsite Heater (Flagro): This heater has a maximum output of 390,000 BTU/hour and a maximum air flow of 2,500 CFM. It runs on natural gas or propane.
  • Light Tower (Command): This light tower allows full deployment in under 15 seconds. It has an umbilical 6ft cord remote controller and is all electric.

Construction Industry Equipment

Our construction equipment can take a beating on the toughest jobsites. No matter the size of your job, we have the right heater, generator, pump or earth-moving equipment for you.

  • Mobile Fuel Tank (ESI): This double-walled fuel tank won’t let you down when the temperature drops. It’s made in Alaska for Alaskan conditions.
  • Walk-In Module (ESI): With R32 walls and roof, this strong walk-in module is designed to withstand harsh weather. It has 0.25 plate steel floors, making it the perfect housing for your generator set, and comes with attached fork pockets.
  • Water House (ESI): The ESI Water House Is designed to keep open icy holes over bodies of water where explosive gases may accumulate. We kept safety and practicality in mind, creating two separate compartments: one implementing explosion-proof components, and the other housing the generator.

Aviation Industry Equipment

Aviation is a big part of the Alaskan economy. You need the right equipment to keep planes taking off and business moving forward. Our aviation equipment is designed to make airline operations more efficient, with a broad selection of products available to meet your needs.

  • Light Tower (Wanco): This state-of-the-art lighting solution shines a uniform pattern across the entire job site to achieve the most efficient illumination possible. It has four 1000W metal halide lamps, powered by a rugged Tier 4 Final Kubota engine.
  • 230gal Helicopter Fuel Tank (ESI): This tank is great for remote mineral exploration, drillers, camps and helicopter operations. Its double-wall aluminum construction means it’s lightweight and durable and it has a low center of gravity for stability.
  • Flight Line Heater (ESI): This heater has a maximum output of 390,000 BTU/hour and a maximum air flow of 2,500 CFM. The tank is 42 gallons and it runs for 14+ hours.

Mining Industry Equipment

Mining has helped make Alaska into what it is today. We offer a range of equipment designed to suit the industry. We know the season is short, so we want to get you up and running with as little down time as possible while the weather holds.

  • Emergency Shower Trailer (ESI): This vital safety precaution unit contains a 400 gallon water tank kept heated by a 500 watt submersion heater. This means your job site is prepared for an emergency, no matter the temperature.
  • Thaw Boss (ESI): The ES3000 combines innovative ESI design with a reliable Kubota engine and a powerful Buderus boiler. The result is a heavy-duty heating platform that can handle 5,000 square feet of ground thaw quickly.
  • Bull Rail Trailer (ESI): This ESI-built bull rail trailer comes with a powerful 28 kW generator powering ten 20-Amp outlets. It’s built tough with heavy-duty welded steel construction, and dual 3500 pound torsion flex axles.

Telecommunications Industry Equipment

Alaska couldn’t function without telecommunications. The industry is a staple of the economy, and we have the equipment necessary to keep your customers connected.

  • Industrial Jobsite Heater (Flagro): This heater has a maximum output of 390,000 BTU/hour and a maximum airflow of 4,000 CFM. The fuel tank is 42 gallons and it has a run time of 14+ hours.
  • Self-Contained Mobile Industrial Heater (ESI): The ES700 is designed to provide long-term, continuous service in the most severe conditioned. The diesel-fueled Carlin 301CRD burner delivers a maximum output of 770,000 BTU/hour at 4000 CFM for up to 37 hours between refuels. An extended-run oil sump extends the oil service interval up to 3,000 hours to reduce downtime.
  • Transfer Switch (Thomson): This automatic transfer switch can be installed inside or outside. It won’t let you down in tough Arctic conditions.

ESI proudly manufactures and sells the best Arctic tough equipment in Fairbanks. Call our office on (907) 458-9049 or make an enquiry via our website to learn more.