Arctic Check Your Arien's Snow Blower

Arctic Check your Ariens Snow Blower Today

Extended Through August 31st, 2022

Arctic Check your Ariens RapidTrak snow blower at Equipment Source Inc. and be the “King of Snow” this winter. With three different models and three different price points, you can reserve the right one for you. Remember our Snowmageddon of 2021? Feels like it was just yesterday… As the mounds of snow turn into small lakes in parking lots and make roads disappear, we all wonder to ourselves, what will the winter of 2022 bring?

What Is Arctic Check?

Arctic Check is a new program at Equipment Source Inc. Place a $500 deposit between April 1, 2022, and June 30, 2022 August 31st, to lock in pricing on an Ariens RapidTrak Snow Blower. All you need to do is choose a model, place your $500 deposit, and choose either a free cover or service kit. Once our shipment has arrived at our Fairbanks location, you will receive a phone call letting you know your order is ready to be picked up.

Ariens RapidTrak Models

If a wheel unit and a track unit had a baby it would be the Ariens RapidTrak snow blower. This exclusive Ariens technology is designed to give you the power and versatility for any condition. The RapidTrak will still maintain traction even on high snow piles, hills, or slippery pavement.

Did you know: Our service department can provide routine maintenance on your Ariens RapidTrak snow blower purchased from ESI.


920032 compact 24 rapidtrack fl34
All-round, residential beast

The Compact RapidTrak weighing in at 220 pounds has an Ariens AX 223CC engine with an electric start. It’s built to last with its strong cast-iron gear case and steel 3 blade impeller. All while throwing 3 ft – 40 ft of snow.

Professional 28’’ RapidTrak Hydro

926084 professional 28 hydro rapidtrack ec fr34
Throw it down at your home or business with the 28″

The Professional RapidTrak Hydro weighing in at 339 pounds has a powerful Ariens AX 420CC engine with a push-button electric start. Moving 79 tons of snow per hour will leave you plenty of time to get your other household chores done.  

Professional Mountaineering Edition 32’’ Hydro EFI RapidTrak

The Professional Mountaineering Edition weighing in at 345 pounds is built for high altitudes and has a throwing distance of 3ft – 60ft. Including premium features like an LED light bar and headlight, hand warmers, electric chute, electric start, and commercial grade skid shoes.   

926521 professional 32 hydro rapidtrack efi ec mountaineering pl
The white stuff has got nothing on this G.O.A.T. of a snow blower

How Do I Finalize my Arctic Check Order?

The first step to finalizing your order is to pick the model you would like and place a $500 deposit. Once that has been done, we wait for the equipment to be shipped. Once the Ariens RapidTraks have arrived at Equipment Sources in Fairbanks, you will receive a phone call letting you know it’s ready to be picked up. This will be the time when you will make your final payment.

Pro Tip: When you Arctic Check your Ariens Snow Blower, you can claim either a service kit or a free cover. Make sure to put down a deposit before June 30, 2022, to be able to claim your free gift.

In conclusion….

Don’t be left scrambling to unbury yourself this winter. Get an Ariens RapidTrak snow blower and conquer the next inevitable winter storm. ESI has your snow removal solutions here in Fairbanks. Stop by or call our location on Van Horn to learn more about our new program Arctic Check.

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