ESI Alaska Triplex Pump

ESI Custom Equipment: Alaska’s Top Pick for Equipment Manufacturing and Support

Equipment Source Inc. has had a long legacy of innovation. We’ve helped Alaskan businesses get the tools and equipment to work safely and efficiently. 

We want to ensure that you have the right equipment to do the job. And our long list of rentals allows you to choose what you need, and our staff will help you obtain other equipment that you may want. 

Although our equipment selection is great, we have a few custom equipment that has helped our customers. They’re high-quality and tested to ensure that they’ll work in your job environment. Here are examples of what we’ve built in the past and a guide on how you can get custom equipment for your business. 

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What Jobsites Can Use Equipment From ESI?

For over 20 years, we have worked side-by-side with hardworking companies in extreme industries to manufacture equipment that meets their unique needs. Our equipment can work in extreme conditions, such as the harsh Arctic weather. Industries that can benefit from renting or buying equipment from ESI include: 

  • Oil and Gas
  • Construction
  • Aviation
  • Telecommunications
  • Mining
  • Lodges/ Rural Alaska
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Remote Logistics

Businesses can use equipment from ESI to get their jobs done. We have unique equipment that will help around the job site, such as JCB excavators, or help your employees with industrial heaters to keep them safe and warm during harsh weather. 

What Custom Equipment Has ESI Created?

Custom Equipment ESI Has Created Infographic

The innovation of our staff has led to great equipment that many businesses can use in various industries. We’ve created the Triplex Pump, Mobile Emergency Shower Trailer, and the Mobile Arctic Filtration System. Each of these helps businesses run and get the job done. 

Triplex Pump

Businesses in the oil and gas drilling industry can primarily benefit from our Triplex Pump. It is trailer-transported and has pump freeze protection fluids to prepare the well for long-term storage. This mobile high-pressure pumping system is used for oil wellhead maintenance and development in Alaska’s North Slope Oil fields. 

Designed and built to operate in extremely harsh weather conditions, you’ll never have to worry about the ESI Triplex Pump failing in below-freezing temperatures.

All systems and fixtures are heavy-duty and can withstand ambient temperatures as low as -50°F. 

It’s a Class 1, Division 1 enclosure (explosion-proof) pumping system. ESI has crafted this piece of equipment to withstand years of use. The Triplex Pump also has the following elements: 

  • Built-in fuel tank and liquid tank with 100% containment
  • Emergency shutdown switch, single stroke push type with pull-to-reset
  • Battery master switch
  • Constant Duty Solenoid to isolate all ancillary 12V power systems at engine shutdown
  • Waterproof junction box
  • On-board battery charger
  • Arctic Grade wiring rated to -50°F or better
  • Lighted control panel
  • Ashcroft panel gauges for hydraulic and pump pressures, glycerin-filled

A great feature of this piece of equipment is that it has a 48-hour run time located in the fuel tank. The Triplex Pump will change your job site and allow you to get more work done without the worry of it breaking down. 

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Mobile Emergency Shower Trailer

ESI recognizes the importance of worker safety. And while that primarily deals with the equipment, we want to offer a vital safety precaution unit that will help your employees when an emergency arises. 

Our mobile emergency shower trailer contains a 400-gallon water tank kept heated by a 500-watt submersion heater to ensure your job site is prepared for the emergency no matter the temperature. This trailer is insulated with a heated enclosure, so you’ll never have to worry about the temperature. 

The water is delivered through a therma-flow freeze-protected shower at 30 gallons per minute and runs off into a 500-gallon tank. And it provides an easy service design through a 100-gallon fuel tank for an estimated 5-day run, an accessible access engine compartment that facilitates ease of service functions, and a common “off the shelf” component to ensure parts availability.

Our trailer has been OSSHA approved for remote job sites in the arctic. The robust and reliable remote job site shower trailer also offers a lighting package. The following are the features and benefits of the trailer. 

  • 3000W corrosion resistant electric heater
  • 500W submersion heater in the tank
  • 400 Gallon water tank with freeze plugs and taper-to-top design to help prevent damage
  • 30 GPM consistent flow rate
  • High-visibility ABS plastic showerhead with a self-adjusting regulator
  • Eye and face wash heads equipped with float-off covers secured with a stainless steel bead chain
  • Heat trace installed on all water pipes and pump
  • 100% Arctic flex wiring
  • Dual 7000 lb axle trailer with a torsion bar suspension

Industries such as construction, emergency preparedness, mining, oil and gas, and remote logistics can benefit from the emergency shower trailer. 

Mobile Arctic Filtration System

ESI’s mobile arctic filtration system is built for north slope oil production companies. This is the best mobile fluid filtration system on the market designed and constructed for cold weather operations. Duct inlets allow an ESI Industrial Indirect Heater to be connected to the enclosure that provides freeze protection and a warm work environment. 

The arctic enclosed filtration system has external hookups and replaceable filter elements for pump trucks. It is equipped with welded piping manifolds for long-term reliability, and you won’t have to worry about the equipment breaking down when it matters most. It also has interior lighting, large access doors, and a tongue-mounted toolbox to make operations safe and easy. 

There is a connection point for the external heater to keep the piping system warm and thawed, ensuring you can rely on our filtration system even during the toughest of weather conditions. Industries such as construction, mining, oil and gas, and remote logistics can use this equipment for their job sites. 

How to Purchase ESI Equipment

ESI equipment is built to last you through the toughest of situations, tested, and built to help you get the job done. No matter the industry, we’re here to help you. 

With our innovative pieces of equipment, we’re here to protect your employees and provide you with equipment that will improve efficiency. Many of our equipment is for rent, but with our custom equipment, you can purchase them so you can have them for long-term use. 

ESI is based in Fairbanks and has worked for over two decades to serve the Alaskan community. We also have locations in Anchorage, AK, and Seattle, WA. The great thing about working with ESI is that we’ll ensure that the equipment gets to your job site, even in rural Alaska. 

Our equipment is high-quality, and we have an excellent staff that can help you find what you need. 

We are the best choice for your equipment rental with our innovative history, impressive inventory, and fantastic customer service. If you’re unsure what equipment to get or how that can help your specific business, give us a call so we can walk you through it. 

Are you ready to innovate your job site? Contact ESI today to get started!