A Look Inside ESI: Exploring the Manufacturing Building That Changed the Game

Manufacturing Alaskan-made products since 2000

Did you know that ESI was founded around Manufacturing? 

Terry Wornath, founder of ESI and designer of the original ES700 heater, and Jennifer Wornath, Senior Accountant for ESI, didn’t even have a real office until ESI moved to its current location, 1919 Van Horn Road, Fairbanks, AK. ESI then added the most extensive parts inventory in the interior, a state-of-the-art service shop, and a diverse rental fleet

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Start to Finish

A typical day in the manufacturing building looks a little like this.

  1. Create the product – design, engineer, and draw up the plans. 
  2. Cut it out – use the plasma cutter to bring the computer files to life. 
  3. Form and fit – shape and weld the parts together. 
  4. Blast and paint – get the parts looking their best. 
  5. Put it all together – assemble and decal the product. 
  6. Ship it off – test and send the product to the customer.

There are many moving parts in the manufacturing building, and there are different stages of what’s listed above happening daily.

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Did you know?

ESI owns a 144’’ X 72’’ CNC plasma table that can cut up to 1-inch steel plates.

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Everything from ESI’s manufacturing building is made and assembled at their Fairbanks, AK, location. Not to mention, ESI produces the world’s best Arctic generators and heaters

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ESI’s motto is BUILT ARCTIC TOUGH, and everything manufactured is stronger and tougher than other manufacturers.

There are many moving parts and pieces in the manufacturing building, and it takes strong leaders to make sure that jobs are run smoothly and completed in a timely manner. Meet Josh Parks and Jon Christensen, the guys who make it happen.

Meet Josh Parks – Manufacturing Manager

josh parks 1

Josh helps with everything, and we mean EVERYTHING, in the manufacturing department. From training new employees to more complex hands-on things. Such as designing builds, assembling, managing manufacturing workflow, and testing newly completed products. 

Fun Fact: Josh started working at ESI back in 2001 and was one of the first employees at ESI. He was an employee before our CEO Tim Cerny acquired ESI 100% in 2015.

Meet Jon Christensen – Engineering

jon christensen 1

Jon is on the back end doing all the engineering regarding new builds at ESI. He’s been with ESI for about 13 years now. As an engineer, Jon is in charge of CAD designs (computer-aided design) and documentation. We asked him his favorite part about his job, and he said, “I enjoy having the ability to do both sides, engineering and being hands-on in the manufacturing process.” 

There’s so much happening inside the manufacturing building daily that it’s hard to fit it all into a blog post. If you’re interested in learning more about what goes on inside the building or you’re interested in taking a tour, give us a call.