ESI’s top seven local drinks to savor after a long day mowing

Everyone deserves an indulgent, ice-cold beverage after mowing for hours. We know those lawns don’t reach perfection all on their own. The ESI team has a few opinions when it comes to a perfect après mow. Even if your day was spent on one of our supremely comfortable Gravely Mowers, we know you’re probably tired and ready for some well-deserved relaxation. 

In preparation for summer, we have decided to share our favorite post-lawn mowing beverages from small businesses in Fairbanks and Anchorage. From Fairbanks institutions like HooDoo Brews and Mama Bear’s delicious kombucha to Anchorage classics such as Midnight Sun, there are plenty of local spots to choose from after a hard day’s work on your Alaskan lawns.

Gravely Pro Turn 600

Hoodoo Brewing Co.

Whether you’ve been meticulously tending to your yard with the precision of a Gravely zero-turn ZT X 48 on those first warm days of June or tirelessly cleaning up vast acreage using the robust Gravely Pro-Turn 660, there’s no better way to cap off a day’s labor than with a satisfying pint of HooDoo Brew. And when it comes to choosing the perfect brew, reaching for HooDoo’s authentic German Kölsch never disappoints. Our favorite way to enjoy HooDoo’s craft beer is by grabbing a growler of one of their insanely fresh beers at the week’s end and savoring it over the weekend (if it will last that long). Light and refreshing, it hits just right after a long day spent outside.

mama bear’s kombucha

With flavors like wild Alaskan cranberry and blueberry, mango, and apple, Mama Bear’s Kombucha is a refreshing alternative to alcoholic evening bevies or sugary sodas. Kombucha is well known for its antimicrobial and antioxidant properties that can promote healthy liver and kidney function, and reduce diabetic complications. Grab a bottle or two from their brewery located off Driveway St. and make the mowing chores go by a little quicker with this fizzy, immunity-boosting local beverage. As you buzz through your lawn on the high-backed seat of a Gravely Pro-Turn 352, complete with lumbar support and molded armrests, bring a bottle along to help pass the hours perfecting the lawn.


Nothing says Fairbanks summer like a refreshing cocktail from Goldie’s. Whether you just go for the local beers on tap or are a big fan of their delicious mocktails, Goldie’s to-go cocktails and mocktails are the perfect option to upgrade your after-work beverage game. When it comes to tackling yard work, indulging in a refreshing Goldie’s to-go drink is like choosing the efficiency and strength of a Gravely Pro-Turn 360. This model features a robust 23.5 HP Kawasaki® FX730V Engine, parker transaxles that enable a top speed of 11mph, and a convenient toolless foot pedal with internal assist springs for effortless deck height adjustment. With reinforced spindle mounts ensuring optimal blade operation and six recessed anti-scalp wheels protecting the turf on uneven terrain, the Gravely Pro-Turn 360 is like a reliable partner for maintaining your yard’s pristine appearance.

Black Spruce Brewing Co.

Just a two-minute drive from our flagship Fairbanks showroom, Black Spruce Brewing is an ESI favorite for many reasons. Their large selection of great craft beers, the weekend buzz of friends getting together for a drink, and the option to grab a four-pack or fill up a growler to go. After mowing, your bodies fatigued, your thirst is unquenchable, and your farmer’s tan probably darkened a few shades, this calls for a cold refreshing beer or cider. We recommend treating yourself to Black Spruce’s Short Days golden ale or their pineapple infused semi-sweet cider. Both are available to go in a growler or grab the golden ale in a canned four-pack. They taste even better on your deck after a long day on the lawn. Help make the mowing experience that much better by checking out our selection of Gravely Mowers.

Ursa Major Distillery

For our workers on the west side of town near Ester, we recommend paying a visit to Ursa Major Distillery after a long morning or afternoon. Meet up with friends or bring your better half out for a cocktail in the sun. We love how Ursa Major describes themselves and their craft as “delicious spirits hand-crafted by really picky Alaskans”. We feel the same about equipment, only the best to withstand everything Alaska has to throw at us —especially when it’s lawn mowing season. That’s why this season we’ve made the decision to stock Gravely Mowers, the sister company to Ariens, our snowblower line. With Gravely, you can rest assured that you’re investing in a top-quality product we wholeheartedly believe in.

Zip Kombucha

We know our south central Alaska customers have large projects to tackle on difficult surfaces. You need a durable mower that can handle tough conditions, work efficiently, and outlast standard industry mowers much like the Gravely Pro-Turn 660. In addition to relying on your trusted mower, it’s important to have something to look forward to after a long day of work. Zip Kombucha offers a great range of fun, fresh, and fizzy flavors to enjoy after trailering up for the evening, such as Blueberry Mary or Mandy Mint. You can visit their brewery in person or stop by their convenient grab-and-go location in Midtown to savor their drinks all weekend long.

Midnight Sun Brewing Co.

One of our favorite ways to unwind after a long day mowing is spending the evening at a brewery in Anchorage. Midnight Sun Brewing Co. is a classic spot to sip classic brews with a craft twist, such as their Pleasure Town IPA or Wolfpack Pilsner. If you’re in the mood for a summer beer theme, you can also try their Sorta Summer Imperial Belgian Pale Ale or their Dirt Tan Berliner Weisse, both fitting for what June in Alaska can feel like. Regardless of your choice, after dedicating the better part of your weekend to perfecting your lawn, you deserve to sit back and enjoy a fresh pint.

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