How Ariens Snow blowers Keep Alaskans Winter-Ready

Alaskans know that when it snows, plow trucks may not be able to clear snow right away. Snow removal starts with the main roads, and then trickles into neighborhoods. Leaving it up to you to clear it, or wait for the plow trucks to come by, and who knows how long that will take. Take charge, get rid of the shovel, and tackle snow removal with an Ariens Snow blower.

Ariens is a reliable and powerful snow blower and can remove snow from your driveway, sidewalk, and street in no time, a super important chore for Alaskans, whether you live somewhere rural or more urban, like Anchorage.

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Check out this testimonial from a recent ESI Alaska customer, who used their Ariens Kraken (new to our ESI Ariens fleet!) snow blower to get the job done when Anchorage School District’s snow blower had to undergo maintenance:

“Color me impressed. This machine is absolutely everything it advertised. My kid’s elementary school had their snow blower go down, and they asked if someone could volunteer to clear the snow while they waited for ASD maintenance to look at their machine. Of course I saw the perfect opportunity to really test this thing out and took it! This thing out-performed the school’s machine like it was a joke. It even cleared all the old hard snow that their machine couldn’t move. The school’s custodian was shocked at how well it performed. I wouldn’t be surprised if next winter they had an Ariens snow blower as well!”

With over 4 million snow blowers produced since 1960, Ariens is the #1 brand of two-stage snow blowers in the world, earning them the nickname “The King of Snow.” Their professional-grade snow blowers are ones that last and are often passed down from generation to generation. Their reliability and longevity make Ariens a no-brainer in terms of snow-clearing solutions for Alaskans.

Ariens snow blowers are one-of-a-kind for many reasons, but especially because they are built to withstand our tough winter conditions. Alaskans need reliable and durable equipment for our extreme weather. Ariens fit the bill with their long-lasting power, warranties, auto-turn power steering, and ability to throw snow up to 60 feet. Talk about efficient snow removal!

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With proper maintenance and care, Ariens snow blowers will last many years. ESI Alaska has a top-of-the-line service department to assist with repairs as well, so you can rest assured that this investment will be one that lasts a lifetime. We also offer maintenance kits for the people who would rather service their snow blower themselves.

Yes, Ariens snow blowers come with a mid-range price tag, and as they say, “you get what you pay for,” and yes, it’s worth it.

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Do you want to know why an Ariens snow blower is a cost-effective investment? They save you time and money in the long run. With an Ariens snow blower, you can remove snow much faster than with a shovel or lower-powered machines. Plus it doesn’t take much room to store it either. And you don’t have to worry about your Ariens not working after one or two winters – these snow blowers are made to last a lifetime. 

With the kind of winters that we have here in Alaska, adding an Ariens snow blower to your winter outdoor equipment just makes sense. You’ll spend less time removing snow and dealing with repairs and more time doing the things you love. 

Contact our team at ESI to purchase or talk about our Ariens snow blower models and accessories!