Innovation Matters When Manufacturing Equipment in Alaska

Where is the best place to get equipment in Alaska? When working in Arctic conditions, it’s crucial to have the right tools for the job. That’s why ESI’s legacy of innovation matters.

Why ESI?

Alaska is home to the tough and definitely the land of extremes. Equipment Source Inc. (ESI) knows this, and that’s why we are dedicated to manufacturing and providing tough arctic equipment where it is needed most by people who know it most. Here at ESI, we take pride in our elite team of engineers and fabricators to build high-quality equipment from the ground up. 

We are also the sole Alaskan distributor for the reliable Kubota Tractor Corp. and vend for JCB equipment. These two rugged brands have been tried and true to get you through any earth-moving project you need to accomplish. Our top priority at ESI is to deliver a product that is not only functional but guaranteed reliable and works as hard as you do. 

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Innovation Matters When Manufacturing Equipment in Alaska 

With over 20 years of arctic innovation, we know Alaska, and we know the rugged conditions are not only part of the job but also part of traveling to the job. At ESI, we take into consideration what it means to transport heavy equipment to remote locations. Whether it be via ice road, barge, bush plane, helicopter, or any others means necessary, we have put in careful consideration to streamline the process. We not only design our products for disassembly and transportation, but we are also confident our equipment is efficient and reliable.

Our equipment is designed and built here in Alaska by Alaskans. So if you are struggling to find the right equipment for the task, our Alaskan team of engineers and fabricators are ready to take your custom project from the ground up. We have an in-house team that designs, fabricates, completes bodywork, sandblasts, and paints your new equipment to your liking. We are nothing short of striving for your every need to get your project done. 

We design and build all equipment to withstand Arctic temperatures. We know reliably operating in the harshest conditions is of the utmost importance, and our equipment will not disappoint. Our equipment is cold weather tested at our manufacturing site in Fairbanks to ensure it will operate at peak performance and efficiency. 

Essential Tools for the Job in the Arctic

There is nothing like having the right equipment for the job to get productivity flowing. At ESI, we have several signature innovative products for job sites in the Arctic. We are the place where Alaskans shop to fill the needs for Alaskan jobs. Our signature products include:

ES700 Heater

For years the ES700 indirect fire air heater has been our bestselling industrial heater of the north. It is a benchmark for reliable heat on the North Slope. With its reliability and rugged design, it will keep performing in even the coldest weather. It doesn’t stop with integrated fork pockets and lifting bail, you also can have it trailer mounted, or skid mounted. It’s meant to go where you go. 

This diesel-fueled heater hosts a Kubota engine with a Mecc Alte generator end. The Carlin 301 CRD burner delivers a maximum output of 770,000 BTU/hr at 4000 CFM for up to 37 hours before refueling. Also, an extended-run sump increases your oil change time to 3000 hours; that’s 125 consecutive days of continual use!

This heater is not only made with quality construction, but it is also environmentally responsible. This heater is constructed with 100% 309 stainless steel fire tube & heat exchanger; it’s made to last. In addition, it features a 150% secondary fluid containment, DOT certified fuel tank, and ETL listed, conforming to UL and CSA standards. 

We keep easy service and functionality in mind during design. An easy-access engine compartment for servicing and use of standard industrial parts to make certain of parts availability. We try to make maintenance as straightforward as we would like to experience it. 

Thaw Boss

Hydronic heat is nothing new to many Alaskans, and it has increased in popularity among job sites across the state for thawing. This cold-weather gear is designed, manufactured, and tested in one of the coldest of colds, Fairbanks, Alaska. It is built Arctic Tough and designed to keep powering through at even the most extreme cold temperatures. We have designed this heavy-duty hydronic heater to exceed our competition in heat output, fuel efficiency, and durability. We are confident that if you are looking for hydronic heat, this is the one for you!

You’re thinking, what is the secret to hydronic heat not freezing in sub-zero temperatures, right? We were too when designing this heater! It boasts a massive 150 psi operating pressure to keep fluid moving the way it’s intended in exceedingly low temperatures. Paired with the dependable Kubota engine and efficient Buderus boiler, it produces 334,000 BTU/hr with a 5,000 sq ft thaw field at an impressive 55-hour runtime when used at max output. And like the ES700, 3,000-hour oil service with an extended run oil sump.

It doesn’t stop there, as we always have everyday ease of use in mind during the design process. The Thaw Boss features four 750-foot hoses to ensure even distribution into the thaw field. They are complete with a motorized hose reel and catch basin under the reel for easy cleaning. Limiting leaks is a priority. We have added quick-connect hose fittings to simplify the operation and decrease the likelihood of a leak. 

Re-Air Enclosure

For worry-free sub-zero power generation all winter. The Re-Air is built Arctic Tough and is a versatile year-round generator powering 12kW to 45kW with slight fluctuation. Even though you can use it year-round, it has a hyper-focus on efficiency in sub-zero temperatures. 

This generator has a rugged Kubota diesel engine paired with Mecc Altec and Stamford Generators. The design allows for the air to warm in the enclosure and appropriately recirculate. Additionally, there’s an automated damper to dump excess heat for maintaining the ideal temperature in circulation. Other features that make this generator stand up the harshest winter conditions are Arctic-grade wiring and a durable powder coat finish. 

There isn’t much that can stop the Thaw Boss. It is truly your worry-free cold-weather power source!

Long-Run Oil Tank

This is the piece of equipment you have been missing from your fleet! Extend the use of other pieces of equipment to 3,000-hour oil change intervals with this oil tank. You will save time, money, and increase the engine life of your equipment. 

Secondary Containment Unit

We are as environmentally conscious as we are driven to produce quality equipment. We Alaskans take pride in this beautiful home state and want to keep it this way for years to come. We have our signature secondary containment unit as a backup for any mishaps that may occur. 

The Best Place for Equipment in Alaska

When Alaskans have a job to get done, they rely on the professionals. The professionals know that our team at ESI are experts in cold-weather equipment. ESI either has the equipment for the job, or we are ready to solve your Arctic project challenges. 

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