Flight Line Heater


Reliable preflight heat meets ESI innovation and durability on the tarmac with the ES300-GSE mobile flight-line heater.

Working closely with small and large aircraft operations in Alaska, ESI developed a product that meets their needs: a reliable and economical ground support heater that stands up to the harshest of arctic tough conditions.

Built on proven firebox technology by Flagro, the ES300-GSE heater is a portable heating system that’s tightly aligned with the demands of preflight heat on the tarmac. Three 6-inch outlet ducts evenly distribute heat to multiple points on the aircraft. The Riello burner runs on jet fuel or diesel, and the built-in 23-gallon fuel tank is equipped with a 3-inch fuel spout to accommodate avgas nozzles for convenient re-fueling anywhere on the tarmac. Large, heavy-duty wheels and an integrated hose rack increase mobility, allowing one person to easily transport the ES300-GSE across the tarmac in all weather conditions.

Features and Benefits

  • Powerful 200,000 BTU/hr heat output
  • Convenient built-in 23 gallon fuel tank
  • Upgraded 1.5 HP fan motor with variable pitch fan
  • Three 6-inch duct outlets utilize an innovative cone design to evenly distribute heat, reducing hotspots
  • 3-inch fuel spout accommodates jet fuel nozzles allowing for a single fuel source on the tarmac
  • Large, heavy-duty wheels with flat-free tires for easy one-person transport across the tarmac in all weather conditions
  • Integrated hose rack simplifies transport, increasing mobility

Easy Service by Design

  • Easy access fan and burner facilitates ease of service functions
  • Common “off the shelf” components ensure widespread parts availability


  • Remote thermostat (plug and play)
  • Variable temp burner jets to dial in heat output


Output 200,000 BTU/hr
Airflow 1500 CFM
Burn rate 1.4 gph
Burner Riello 40 F10
Heat exchanger material 304 Stainless steel
Fan motor 1.5 HP, 120V
Power requirements 20A, 120V, 60Hz
15A, 120V, 60Hz available upon request
Outlet ducts Three 6-inch
Fuel type ULSD / Jet Fuel
Capacity 23 gal
Width 27″
Length 63″
Height 43 1/2″
Weight (dry) 350 lb
Weight (wet) 513 lb


Heater ducting

  • Jetflex by Engineered Performance Ducting
  • ES300-GSE outlet: 3 x 6″ diameter
  • Available in 25 foot length

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Highlight Specs

Max BTU Output: 200,000 BTU/hr
Max Air Flow: 2,000 CFM
Fuel Tank Size: 23 Gal
Fuel Type: Diesel
Max Fuel Consumption: 1.5 GPH
Run Time: 15 hrs +