Flagro Heater from ESI

Purchase or Rent a Flagro Heater from ESI for Your Job Site This Winter

When winter hits Alaska, and Arctic areas across North America, it comes on hard and lasts for months. Yet, through frigid temperatures, howling winds, and deep snow, Arctic companies endure and keep working. 

However, such cold temperatures are not only extremely uncomfortable, but they are dangerous and decrease productivity. At times like these, what you need at your job site is the toughest industrial worksite heater, the Flagro Job Site Heater from ESI.

Are you looking for the toughest worksite heater? Contact us or come into ESI now to get Alaska’s best heating solutions.

Rough Conditions Call for Tough Solutions

In the coldest weather on the planet, you need a tough solution that will protect your workers. Fortunately, ESI has that tough solution waiting for you in Flagro heaters. For example, Flagro heaters are built with fully welded 304 16-gauge steel heat exchangers. In fact, every part of these heaters is made using superior materials and craftsmanship. 

With 20 years of supplying heating equipment for Alaska, ESI has seen from experience that our heating equipment outperforms the others. When you choose a Flagro Heater, you can be sure they will endure the Arctic, even in the harshest work environments.

Reliability Is a Must in the Coldest Winters

Any time your crew is working outside or in an unheated workspace, having an unreliable heater, or no heat at all, is unacceptable. Heater failure so often equals work stoppages. Even if the work continues, it will be at a slower pace and with more errors. All the while, your workers may be exposed to hazardous conditions that could affect their health and take them away from the job.

If you are concerned about reliability, we at ESI have good news for you. Beyond merely surviving tough weather and work environments, the Flagro heater offers the utmost reliability. When you turn on this high-performance heater, it fires up easily and provides the heat your team needs to do their best work. 

The Toughest Heaters Are the Safest Heaters

It’s a commonly known fact that shoddily made equipment very often causes workplace accidents. That not only increases your liability but also sinks your team’s productivity. What can you do about it? The best safety solution is to rent or purchase a durable, reliable, tough worksite heating unit like a Flagro Jobsite, Industrial Jobsite, or if you’re in aviation, a Flight Line Heater. 

Equipment failures need never cause any of your workers any harm. Beyond that, a tough heater will never threaten anything at your job site, from tools to materials to buildings. Instead, it stays intact and heats safely through years of use.

Versatile Worksite Heating

Flagro heaters can be used in many ways, and you can change the way you use them as your project progresses. Take the heater outside for an outdoor job site or pull it into a cold warehouse. Indoors, the exhaust can be ducted to the outside. In either situation, it heats reliably.

The powerful FVN400 Industrial heater uses either natural gas or propane. Other Flagro heaters, like the ES 300-GSE-2 Flight Line Heater or the virsitile FVO200 run on #2 diesel. Whichever you choose, the Flagro delivers the same high performance.

Flagro Heaters Accommodate Long Work Days

A heater that can’t run for your entire workday is more of a headache than a help. What you need is an indirect-fired heater that continues to run smoothly for a good, long day, time after time. ESI has such heaters for sale or rent. With runtimes ranging from 14 to 35 hours, you will have no trouble finding a Flagro heater to last through the work hours your industry demands.

Built for Maximum Strength and Durability

Flagro heaters tame the cold weather conditions, but there’s more to consider. When your workers are focused on getting the job done, you don’t want them to get sidetracked by equipment that breaks easily. You need a heater that will stand up to the punishment that happens on hard-working job sites in industries like Oil and Gas, Construction, Aviation, and Mining. 

The Flagro heater is built to high standards, with a durable body, precisely manufactured burner technology, and long-lasting, easy-rolling wheels. Whether you rent or buy a Flagro Flight Line Heater, you will never have to worry that it can’t handle the job. With its exceptional durability and strength, this heater is built to satisfy you for the long term.

We’ll Help You With Your Options

If you aren’t yet sure which Flagro indirect-fired worksite heater to choose, we suggest you have a conversation with our worksite heating experts. Let us know the size of the area you need to heat, the type of fuel you want to use, and other details about your use of a heater and your job site. By the end of our conversation, we will have all the information needed to recommend the right Flagro unit for your team.

Shipped Wherever You Are

ESI has locations in Anchorage and Fairbanks. If you are in the area, we welcome you to come to see us in person. However, we also provide Flagro heaters as well as a range of other equipment for customers across North America. 

Getting the heating unit you need will never be a problem when you rely on ESI. Wherever you happen to be, you can count on ESI to ship the heating equipment you require when and where you need it.

Count on ESI for Flagro Heaters and More

ESI is a top equipment manufacturer and distributor for Alaska and North America. Whether you need a Flagro heater, a Kubota tractor or utility vehicle, or JCB earthmoving equipment, we can provide and ship it to you. Furthermore, we promise to ship our equipment no matter where you are in Alaska, even to the remotest locations.

As an equipment company that began its work on the oilfields of Alaska’s north slope, we have built a virtually unheard-of level of expertise in providing Arctic tough equipment. We not only employ expert engineers and metal workers, but we listen to our customers’ feedback. When you tell us what you need, we respond with the right equipment for your situation.

Flagro heaters are among our most popular products, especially in cold weather locations. However, we also supply a wide range of other industrial equipment. If you need a generator, a pump, a tractor, or other tough-working equipment, just ask us, and we will ship what you need promptly.

Besides our highly well-built standard equipment solutions, we can provide custom equipment for your unique job site, company, and situation. When you choose the toughest equipment and the most responsive equipment maker, you are on the road to higher productivity and better results. 

Would you like the best industrial equipment for cold weather climates? Stop into our store or contact us at ESI to get started.