bulldozer at construction site after winter snow storm

Equipment Broken Down? Get Quality Rental Equipment in Alaska

When an essential piece of equipment goes down on the job, it can affect your crew and your bottom line. If your project has hit a snag with a breakdown or you are looking for quality equipment in a hurry, Equipment Source, Inc. (ESI) is your source for durable, high-performance, and high-quality rental equipment in Alaska.

Stop wasting money with less-than-quality equipment and costly breakdowns, and explore our top-rated equipment and brands, from our own ESI manufactured products to well-loved Kubota and JCB machinery. 

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Earth Moving Equipment For Rent In Alaska

If you’re looking for heavy machinery to help in your construction work, materials handling, demolition, mining, or more, we have a power-packed line of earthmoving equipment. 

As Alaska’s Kubota and JCB dealer, our best-selling tractors and construction equipment are world-renowned for reliability, performance, and productivity. With unique equipment solutions for every job site, ESI also provides a wide range of attachments for any project.

Tractors For Rent

With various tractors available for rent, get the proper lift height and capacity for your needs. Be sure to contact our rental desk in Anchorage or Fairbanks to see what is currently available in our fleet. We’re confident we’ll have what you need for your projects.

And be sure to accessorize your rental tractor can with any attachments that we have in stock, such as sand spreaders, rotary cutters, box scrapers, tillers, towable aerators, and wood chippers.

Compact Wheel Skid Steer Loaders and Wheel Loaders For Rent

ESI partners with JCB and Kubota for high-performance, high reliability, and great value, from the more compact skid steer loaders to a heavy-duty wheel loader. We have an extensive selection of loaders and attachments to meet your industry needs, including augers, pallet forks, hydraulic trenchers, brush cutters, snow blades, and more. 

Excavators For Rent

Whether you are using an excavator for demolishing structures, digging holes and trenches, or lifting and placing large objects, we’ve got the right rental for your needs at ESI. 

  • K008 – Our most compact model, the K008 includes a collapsible blade, weight of 2,300 lbs., and 5′-8″ dig depth.
  • KX040 – A mid-sized but powerful excavator, the KX040 features a hydraulic 6-in-1 blade that can be angled right and left and tilted. It has a weight of 10,000 lbs, a cleanout bucket and variety of trench bucket sizes, and an 11′-6″ dig depth.
  • JS145 – Our largest excavator, the JCB JS145 includes a hydraulic thumb that makes it easier to pick, hold and move material. It has a weight of 32,227 lbs, a 24″ / 36″ trench bucket, 48″ cleanout bucket, and 19′-9″ dig depth.

Forklifts For Rent

When carrying heavy loads across long distances, you can’t afford a breakdown of equipment. That’s why ESI provides a line of durable forklifts to help move your project along efficiently.

  • FG25T – Our most compact design, the FG25T comes in at 8,000 lbs with a capacity of 5,000 lbs and a lift height of 10′-6″. 
  • 512-56 – Our JCB 512-56 with sway control is our largest model, coming in at 30,000 lbs with a 12,000 lb capacity and lift height of 56′,

Reliable Heaters For Rent In Alaska

Industrial heaters are a must-have for many job sites and workspaces, whether you need them to thaw the ground for excavation or a way to provide heat to crews and machinery. We offer industrial heaters to rent at ESI that exceed the competition in heat output, fuel efficiency, and durability. 

An efficient way to heat areas with extreme temperature changes, all of our industrial heaters are built Arctic tough. There’s no better place than ESI for industrial heaters. They are designed to provide outstanding long-term continuous service in the severest weather conditions.

  • ES700 – Our #1 heater on the North Slope oil fields, the ES700 is an indirect-fired diesel-powered air heater that delivers a maximum output of 770,000 BTU/hr at 4000 CFM for up to 37 hours between refuels.
  • Thaw Boss – Acting as the new standard in hydronic heat, Thaw Boss has a 55-hour runtime at max output, giving it the capabilities to handle 5,000 feet of ground thaw quickly and in an energy-efficient manner.
  • ES700 Sensor Safe – Ensuring superior safety standards for your job site, the Sensor Safe Heater comes with advanced safety features like explosive gas detection. This feature makes it safer even than flameless versions, with the same proven reliability you can expect from ESI-designed and built heaters.

Quality Generators For Rent In Alaska

When you’re in sub-zero temperatures, you need a reliable and high-performance generator that will turn on and stay on in -40°F temperatures. Providing exceptionally durable power sources that won’t let you down, ESI’s generators for rent ensure worry-free power generation for the entire duration of your project.

  • Shindaiwa 60KVA Packaged Generator – Lightweight and compact enough to fit into tight spaces, this generator features a rugged, fuel-efficient Kubota diesel engine and ultra sound-absorbing technology.
  • Re-Air Enclosure Generator – Driven by a powerful Kubota diesel engine and temperature-controlled engine compartment, this generator rental will power all your job site needs. 

Durable Pumps For Rent In Alaska

Designed, manufactured, and tested in Fairbanks, Alaska, all of ESI’s Arctic tough pumps are driven by reliable, high-performance Kubota engines. With all heavy-duty systems and fixtures capable of withstanding sub-zero temperatures as low as -50°F, you can be sure our pumps for rent will meet and exceed your standards.

  • ES-CP40 – Our lightest, most compact model, this pump contains a 4″ pump with a weight of 1,950 lbs and produces an output of 800GPM @ 2000 RPM.
  • ES-SP60-ENC – Our largest model with a 6″ pump and Arctic enclosure, the ES-SP60-ENC comes in at 4,600 lbs with an output of 3000GPM @ 2200 RPM.

Rental Equipment Built For The Toughest Conditions In The World

When the conditions get tough, ESI is your source for rental equipment in Alaska capable of handling any situation. Whether you’re working at -40°F on the North Slope oil fields or in the height of summer, we have the right kind of equipment for the job. 

Our line of heavy equipment, heaters, generators, and pumps are the solution for any project or application. 

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