JCB telescopic handler lifting eS700 industrial heater

Get Your New Industrial Heaters Before Alaska’s Weather Cools

With frigid temperatures and blankets of snow, an Alaskan winter brings some of the toughest conditions on earth. And when you’re out on a construction job site, the last thing you want is a broken heater.

When those Alaskan temperatures hit negative digits, industrial heaters are not just a workplace staple, but an essential part of keeping your worksite safe and productive.

Often placed in poorly insulated areas, warehouses, job sites without central heating, or outside at 40-below, your industrial heater needs to be able to withstand extreme conditions and provide powerful heat.  With a wide range of job site, mobile, and hydronic heating systems, Equipment Source, Inc. is the solution for all your industrial heating needs.

ESI offers a comprehensive range of industrial heaters perfect for heating job sites and large

workspaces through the fall and winter months. If you are looking for high-performance, durable equipment that is sure to bring the heat in even the most extreme conditions, check out ESI’s range of Alaskan-made industrial heaters.

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Expert Industrial Heaters Built Arctic Tough

For over 20 years, ESI has been providing reliable, powerful equipment that exceeds expectations. Designed to provide long-term continuous service in the severest winter conditions, there’s no better place to find industrial heaters that are built Arctic tough for any job site. When it comes to reliability, we’ve got you covered.

Specializing in high-quality equipment for rural Alaska, including oil & gas, mining, aviation, construction, and agriculture industries, here’s what you can expect from ESI.

Quality Construction

All our industrial heating products have been designed, manufactured, and tested in Alaska for Arctic durability and weather resistance in the most extreme conditions.

With environmentally responsible construction and high-quality materials, ESI is a top manufacturer of efficient and reliable industrial.

Easy Service By Design

Our industrial heaters are designed for ease of use. With straightforward access to the engine compartment and standard industrial components, you’ll never be left with a broken part and no way to replace it.

Many models have large doors on all sides of the heater to allow safe service access in any industrial environment and are designed, manufactured, and tested for unmonitored 24/7 use.

Many Models and Types

Our collection of industrial heaters includes many models designed to match your needs.

  • Mobile, self-contained heaters for job site portability: Self-contained mobile heaters can easily be mounted on a trailer and transported between job sites and workspaces.
  • Hydronic and Indirect Fired Industrial Heaters: A variety of industrial heaters meet your worksite needs – whether you are interested in a certain power source or a location where the heater will be placed. Get exactly what you need to withstand tough weather conditions in the Arctic.

Top-Notch Safety Considerations

There are several safety features that should be considered when purchasing an industrial heater. ESI heaters have a long history of safe reliable use on construction sites, DOD facilities, oil and gas fields, and other locations. With emergency shutdown switches, explosive gas detection, safe service access, and other safety features, ESI heaters have a clean safety record with no reports of major safety incidents.

They are approved for use by all the major oil companies including BP, Conoco, Exxon, Alyeska Pipeline Service Company and Hilcorp.

Three Of Our Top Industrial Heaters

#1 Heater on the North Slope Oil Fields – The ES700

An indirect-fired air heater, the Made in Alaska ES700 heater provides an efficient way to heat areas with extreme temperature changes.

The more BTUs offered, the more space your model can heat. Our diesel-fueled heaters deliver a maximum output of 770,000 BTU/hr at 4000 CFM for up to 37 hours between refuels, making them ideal for construction sites as they don’t require a power source.

This durable industrial heater is built to last, which is why you see thousands of these gold-colored workhorses on job sites all over the North Slope.

A Snapshot of ES700 Features and Benefits:

  • 770,000 BTU with up to 4,000 CFM
  • 37 hour run time
  • Kubota engine with Mecc Alte generator end
  • Three-color beacon light indicates engine, burner, fuel status
  • Interior and control panel lights
  • Design integrated fork pockets and lifting bail

The New Standard In Hydronic Heat – Thaw Boss

Rather than pulling in air, heating, and blowing it out, a hydronic heater heats the liquids in the system, distributes it through tubes, and then radiates the heat. This results in a heavy-duty, Arctic Tough hydronic heating platform which exceeds the competition in heat output, fuel efficiency, and durability.

An energy-efficient way to handle 5,000 feet of ground thaw quickly, Thaw Boss has a 55-hour runtime at max output that makes it perfect for construction, mining, oil, and gas industries and locations.

With 150 psi operating pressure, even the coldest worksites can count on the ground thawing, curing, and general heating performance of our industrial hydronic heater.

A Snapshot of Thaw Boss’ Features and Benefits:

  • 334,000 BTU/hr heater output
  • 5,000 sq ft thaw field
  • 150 psi operating pressure keeps fluid flowing in extremely cold temperatures
  • 55-hour runtime at max output
  • Powered by a rugged Kubota engine
  • Catch basin under hose reel for easy cleaning of hoses

Industrial Job Site Heater

Be prepared for winter in both indoor and outdoor spaces with an industrial job site heater. Perfect for any heating application where clean hot air is needed, you get to customize your heater by choosing between two output levels and all major fuel types.

With a portable slim design with wheels for easy mobility and transport, this industrial heater helps to heat construction worksites, heat and de-humidify industrial facilities, keep maintenance shacks warm, maintains temperatures on airplane flight lines, and help control moisture for sub-ground construction.

Plus, our industrial job site heaters are great for emergency heat, thawing applications,

equipment start-up, and outdoor event heating.

A Snapshot of our Industrial Job Site Heaters’ Features and Benefits:

  • Flagro 200: 200,000 BTU/hr – Up To 1500 CFM
  • Flagro 400: 390,000 BTU/hr – Up To 2500 CFM
  • Diesel, kerosene, propane, natural gas options
  • Stainless steel heat exchangers
  • Proven Riello burner technology

Get Winter Ready With Alaska Industrial Heaters At ESI

When it comes to productivity on your job site or workspace, the last thing you want to deal with in sub-zero temperatures is a broken industrial heater. That’s why it is essential to get your new industrial heater before Alaska’s weather cools.

At ESI, everything we manufacture and sell is designed and built at our facility in Fairbanks, Alaska. Designed to operate reliably at extremely low temperatures, we cold test everything to ensure it is suitable for frigid weather operations.

Whether you are looking to rent or buy, ESI is the benchmark for reliable heat and industrial heaters in Alaska that are custom-built for Arctic conditions.

ESI ships anywhere and designs products based on all our customer feedback to ensure our customers can always find the right equipment for their application. If you’re not sure what product is right for your needs, check out our “Customize It” form to reach one of our engineers and start discussing a custom solution.

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