2023 Alaska PFD Spending Guide: ESI’s Top 5 Recommended Purchases

PFD season is upon us, Alaskans, and we have some great ideas on how to spend your funds this year. Spoiler alert: it’s all about professional-grade, reliable, Built Arctic Tough equipment to help you tackle the challenges that come with our state’s extreme weather.

We’ve curated a selection of top recommendations for utilizing your PFD effectively this year. Dive into our recommendations and let our experts help you navigate this season’s top purchases.

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#1: Ariens Snow Blower

Our top recommendation in this year’s PFD spending guide should come as no surprise. Ariens snow blowers stand out as a smart choice, offering a blend of power, reliability, and versatility that makes them our preferred snow blower manufacturer for all your snow removal needs. 

What sets Ariens apart is the innovative RapidTrak technology, available in various models. This exclusive feature allows you to switch between a tracked or wheeled configuration, offering adaptability for diverse conditions. Whether you’re tackling hilly terrain or maneuvering on flat surfaces, the RapidTrak system maintains traction and offers effortless control. Plus, Ariens snow blowers are designed with powerful engines, user-friendly controls, and advanced features, ensuring you can power through snow piles with ease.

From the Ariens Compact 24 Rapidtrak to the Professional Mountaineering Edition and the Mammoth 850 Tractor for heavy-duty jobs, ESI carries Ariens’ toughest line of snow blowers. Learn more about Ariens snow blowers.

ESI’s Arctic Check Program

Save more this fall with ESI’s Arctic Check Program! Each season, we offer discounts for customers who purchase their Ariens RapidTrak early. Learn more about this promotion.

#2: Worksite Heaters

With Alaska’s extreme winter conditions, comes costly and essential purchases to keep your job site operating no matter the temperature. Coming in number two, we recommend purchasing one of ESI’s worksite heaters. We understand the unique challenges posed by Alaskan winters, and our range of industrial heaters is specifically designed to meet those demands. 

At Equipment Source Inc., we offer a variety of models, from mobile, self-contained heaters for portability to hydronic and indirect-fired industrial heaters tailored to specific needs and power sources. Safety is paramount, and our heaters come equipped with essential safety features, making them trusted choices for construction sites, DOD facilities, oil and gas fields, and more. With a track record of reliability and efficiency, our heaters are approved by major oil companies and designed to operate in the harshest Arctic conditions. Don’t compromise on warmth and performance this year —invest in an ESI worksite heater to stay warm and productive this winter.

Give us a call to chat with one of our experts to find the right solution for your worksite needs.

#3: Snow Removal Attachments

Our third choice for this year’s purchasing guide is a practical one. If you have attachment issues this recommendation is for you! Invest in the snow removal attachment of your dreams and get clearing snow efficiently for years to come. 

We carry a diverse range of snow removal attachments for skid steers, compact loaders, and tractors. These attachments include snow blowers, snow pushers, snow buckets, angle blades, and SnowWolf snow plows. Whether you’re clearing parking lots, driveways, or larger areas, having the right attachment saves both time and manual labor. 

ESI’s lineup of high-quality equipment, such as Kubota and JCB skid steers, wheel loaders, and tractors, ensures that you have the power and versatility needed to combat winter weather. Equip yourself for a season efficiency by investing in snow removal attachments, and stay ahead of whatever winter brings your way.

Not sure what attachment is right for you? Read our guide to snow removal attachments and find your perfect fit!

 #4: Generators

Another recurring and necessary purchase we see year after year come fall is generators. Leveraging your PFD to assist in buying the ideal power generator is a great strategy, ensuring you get precisely what you need while alleviating the financial burden.

Whether you’re on a job site or at a remote business, generators can be an essential tool for ensuring an uninterrupted power supply. ESI carries a wide variety of generator solutions, from in-house built to prepackaged units, suitable for various budgets and applications. Generators not only provide reliable power for construction, oil and gas, or remote logistics projects but also offer peace of mind in case of power outages during harsh winter weather. 

Our generators are designed and built in Alaska to withstand Arctic conditions, ensuring reliability, efficiency, and extended service life. With power options ranging from 6kW to 30kW and the availability of spark ignition generators running on natural gas or propane, ESI has a generator to match every need. Plus, our expertise in local parts and service support means you can trust us to keep your generator operating smoothly.

Give us a call, and let our experts help you find the right generator this winter. 

#5: Specialty Equipment

Finally, we recommend treating yourself this year so the specialty equipment you’ve had on your purchase list this year. Equipment Source Inc. provides custom-built solutions for projects across the state. Whether you need portable helicopter fuel tanks for remote applications, emergency shower trailers designed for extreme cold, or mobile filter trailers with advanced freeze protection and interior LED work lights, ESI has the specialized equipment to ensure your project’s success. 

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Our specialty equipment is specifically crafted to withstand the harsh conditions of Alaska, providing reliability and efficiency when you need it most. Using your PFD to invest in specialty equipment this year guarantees that you have the tools necessary to tackle any project, no matter how challenging the environment.