Your Ultimate Guide to Snow Removal Attachments

In this blog, we’ll walk you through our lineup of snow removal attachments to help you determine which option is best for you and your machinery. For Alaskans, “Winter is coming” feels like our official motto, with our constant vigilance for the changing seasons. As summer projects wrap, planning for winter upkeep and snow removal begins.

Get more out of your equipment with snow removal attachments and rediscover professional snow removal for your home and job site use. If you’re uncertain about your winter needs or shopping for solutions, read on! Your winter readiness starts here.


Types of Snow Removal Attachments

At Equipment Source Inc. (ESI), we offer a range of snow removal attachments for skid steers, compact loaders, and tractors. Having the right tools when the weather turns is essential, and purchasing an attachment for your equipment helps you get the most out of your machinery. We’ll introduce you to the types of attachments we carry for each machine.

Skid Steer Snow Attachments

For skid steer snow attachments, we have the following options:

  • Snow blowers
  • Snow pushers
  • Snow buckets
  • Angle blade
  • SnowWolf snow plows

What Skid Steer Snow Attachment Should I Purchase?

Skid steers are versatile machines perfect for year-round property maintenance. When it comes to winter applications, skid steer attachments prove cost-effective and save hours of manual labor, whether you’re clearing a parking lot or driveway. Each attachment has its own benefits depending on your needs, terrain, and snow type.

Skid steer snow blowers are maneuverable and easy to handle, designed to throw snow and clear paths through massive drifts. For our customers, from Valdez to Fairbanks, these attachments are lifesavers during storm cycles and heavy snow years.
Skid steer snow pushers are a great option for moving snow off pavement, concrete, or other hard surfaces. They also handle snow most effectively on surfaces covered in ice. For Anchorage residents dealing with a mix of ice and snow buildup, purchasing a pusher for your skid steer is a great way to remove as much as possible from your lot or driveway.
Skid steer snow buckets are the ultimate time-savers if you need to move heavy snow from one place to another. Buckets are also a great option for areas that receive wet or soft snow. When maritime cement snow piles up, a skid steer bucket attachment will save your back and shoulders the grueling job of clearing your job site or snow banks.
Skid steer angle blades give you more control over contoured or tough terrain. These attachments are maneuverable, allowing you to move snow efficiently across tight or large spaces. Best suited for paved surfaces, these attachments can be equipped with pin-on wings for better snow containment.
Skid steer SnowWolf plows are professional-grade attachments that offer 4-in-1 plowing capabilities. These plows allow you to switch from angle plowing to wide-angle plowing to pushing or backdragging on the fly.

Best Skid Steers to Purchase?

Check out ESI’s lineup of professional-grade skid steers. We offer top-of-the-line Kubota and JCB skid steers for purchase and rent.

Mammoth Snowblower Parts for Skid Steers

We also stock Mammoth snowblower attachment parts at our Fairbanks and Anchorage locations. Give us a shout to learn more about the parts we carry.

Compact Wheel Loader Snow Attachments

For wheel loader attachments, we have the following options:

  • Snow blowers
  • Snow pushers
  • Snow buckets
  • Angle blade
  • SnowWolf snow plows

What Wheel Loader Snow Attachment Should I Purchase?

Purchasing a wheel loader snow attachment allows you to harness its power, height, and nimbleness for larger snow removal jobs. Wheel loader attachments are some of the most popular in the industry and provide as wide a variety of options as skid steers. Let’s dive into the benefits of each loader snow attachment we carry.

Wheel loader snow blower attachments are the ideal choice for tough snow piles that may have a combination of snow and ice. Snow blower attachments can chop through ice chunks, making snow piles more manageable for quickly clearing a path.
Wheel loader snow pusher attachments help clear sites quickly and cover long distances. From the comfort of a heated cab, you can easily complete a 200-yard push. Wheel loaders also offer added visibility, making it easier to watch out for curbs, signs, and other landscaping hazards.
Wheel loader snow bucket attachments are best for removing large snow piles. Outfitting your wheel loader with snow tires in combination with a bucket makes for reliable and heavy-duty snow removal during the winter season.
Wheel loader angle blade attachments are versatile and can be used for snow removal, leveling, grading, and dozing. They are the ultimate all-around attachment. If you’re looking for a clean finish and quick clearing abilities, we recommend angle blades for your snow removal needs.
Wheel loader SnowWolf snow plows are a great addition to any town or business’s snowplow fleet. As discussed above, SnowWolf plows offer 4-in-1 plowing capabilities, allowing you to switch from angle plowing to wide-angle plowing to pushing or backdragging on the fly.

Best Wheel Loaders to Purchase?

ESI carries Kubota and JCB wheel loaders and attachments that get the job done. They are available for rental or purchase. Contact us for more information or to place an order!

Tractor Snow Attachments

For tractor attachments, we have the following options:

  • Front mount snow blowers
  • Snow plows
  • Snow pushers

What Tractor Snow Attachment Should I Purchase?

Snow attachments for tractors keep our machines busy throughout the year. Keep your property clear and save on expenses by purchasing a snow removal attachment for the winter months. Front or loader-mounted attachments are the more efficient option, moving snow before your tractor tires roll over and compact it. ESI carries three front mount options that we will go through below.

Tractor front mount snow blower attachments are designed to move snow quickly. These attachments can maneuver easily around equipment and other obstacles. With height adjustments and chute rotations, they are a great option for efficiently clearing snow over long distances.
Tractor snow plow attachments can clear large pathways and push heavy snow or scrape up ice efficiently. With tractors, it’s essential that attachments get in front of the snow before your tires do. With a plow attachment, you’ll put your tractor to work moving large piles of snow.
Tractor snow pusher attachments offer visibility and are best suited for wide-open areas that receive heavy snowfall.

Best Tractors to Purchase?

In the market for a versatile tractor? Check out Kubota and JCB models for durability and efficiency. Then, speak with one of our expert team members to place an order or find the right fit for you.


Best Brand for Snow Blowers

We specialize in providing machinery, parts, and attachments designed to withstand Arctic Tough conditions. When it comes to reliable and powerful snow removal, Ariens is our preferred snow blower brand.

In particular, we highly recommend the Ariens RapidTrak snow blower, which offers the versatility of both a wheeled and tracked unit in a single machine. The RapidTrak maintains excellent traction even in challenging conditions, such as high snow piles on hilly or slippery terrain, while its wheeled setting provides swift and effortless maneuverability on flat surfaces. Its intuitive, user-friendly design allows operators to switch between settings in a matter of seconds.

If you’re currently in the market for a top-notch snow blower, ESI is your go-to source in Alaska for Ariens equipment.

ESI’s Arctic Check program

Each season, we all offer an Arctic Check Program to customers who purchase their Ariens RapidTrak early. Learn more about this promotion in our  Arctic Check blog post and don’t miss out on a great deal before winter hits!

From snow blowers to pushers, buckets to angle blades, and professional-grade SnowWolf snow plows, we’ve got your snow removal needs covered. Plus, we offer top-quality Kubota and JCB equipment to power your winter work. Equip yourself for a season of ease and efficiency, and let the snow fall where it may —because you’ll be ready. 

Looking for snow removal tips this season? Check out our spring snow removal guide for more information.