Back-up Generator

What are the best back-up generators in Alaska?

Back-up generators are a critical item on every Alaskan jobsite, whether you’re working in oil and gas, remote logistics, telecommunications, aviation, or any other industry. With temperatures plunging as low as negative 40 degrees Fahrenheit, and darkness for months, losing power isn’t just inconvenient and expensive. It’s potentially deadly.

We know first-hand. We started out by reconditioning heaters on Alaska’s North Slope in 2000, which is why we’re committed to manufacturing solutions that are built Arctic tough. Our innovative products are designed to start every time in the most extreme conditions, and we stock an industry-leading selection of the toughest products on earth.

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What to Look for in Choosing a Back-Up Generator

If you’re looking to keep an Alaskan jobsite running all winter, the most important thing is that they start and run reliably at negative 40. As Alaska’s largest manufacturer of generators, we can’t tell you just how important it is to ensure the model you choose is tested for cold weather operation.

Arctic Re-Air models with a climate-controlled enclosure mean you can have worry-free sub-zero power generation all winter, with a temperature-controlled engine compartment. You may also want to consider a long-run oil tank, which gives you a unique extended run option with 3,000-hour oil change intervals. This will significantly reduce maintenance costs and increase the engine’s life.

Another factor to think about is noise. If you anticipate using your back-up generator a lot, you may want to consider something like Shindaiwa’s ultra-quiet technology, which keeps sound to a minimum. It can also come with a fitted enclosure that has an ESI Arctic Re-Air system for optimal performance in extreme weather. You can learn more about that on our website, and keep an eye out for a deal, because we regularly post discounts for the used generators we manufacture and vend.

Best Back-Up Generators for Alaskan Applications

We proudly sell Alaska’s leading range of generators and accessories. This includes:

  • Our own ESI-built generators
  • EPA Tier 3/Tier 4 interim generators
  • Spark ignition generators
  • Enclosure options for KPG generators
  • Packaged generators
  • Special application generators (including auxiliary power units and bullrail trailers)
  • Thomson automatic transfer switches
  • KPG accessories (fuel tanks, controller upgrades, long-run oil pans, and more)

It’s easy to search our range. You can view our generators product page, or use our helpful filter option to search by manufacturer, category, industry, and sale location. We currently offer generators for sale at Fairbanks and Anchorage in Alaska.

ESI Generators

The ESI range has many different sizes and configurations to suit your needs, from 6KW to 120KW and larger. This means you will always be able to get the job done.

Take our 6KW Generator (KPG-06), for example, which has a continuous three-phase output of 9.6 KVA and a rated speed of 1800 RPM. It has an ultra-reliable Kubota D1005 diesel engine, and an EPA Tier 4 emission certification.

At the other end of the spectrum is our 30KW T4F Generator. This has a continuous three-phase output of 37.5 KVA and a rated speed of 1800 RPM. It comes with a powerful Kubota V2403-CR engine, with the same EPA emissions certification and open skid configuration.

Spark Ignition Generators

Every job site runs differently, it may be more convenient to run your generator with natural gas or propane. If that’s the case, we’ve got you covered, with our range of spark ignition generators.

Take the 6KW Natural Gas Generator (KPG-06-NG). It has a continuous three-phase output of 7 KVA and a rated speed of 1800 RPM. This model has a Kubota DG972 engine and an EPA Tier 4 emissions certification, with the same great open skid configuration for flexibility and ease of use.

We also have two propane generator options: 6KW (continuous three-phase output of 7 KVA) and 14KW (continuous three-phase output of 14 KVA). These are great options for your back-up.

Generator Enclosures

Extreme environments take an extreme toll on all your equipment, so it’s essential to protect it from the elements as much as possible. Our Arctic-Air Enclosures (AR2 and AR3) are automated Arctic enclosures that are designed to keep your generators running in cold climates. We also have a range of Modular Enclosures (ME1, ME2 and ME3) that are packaged enclosures designed to suit our generators.

If you need a custom generator enclosure, please let us know. We can design enclosures to fit any generator type at our factory in Fairbanks, and we offer a quick turnaround. We can take it all the way from design and fabrication to sandblasting and painting, shipping it straight to your site.

Special Application Generators

Once your jobsite’s back-up generators are in place, you can think about specialty equipment, such as auxiliary power units. Our models have a continuous three-phase output of 6 KVA, with a rated speed of 3600 RPM and Kubota Z482 engines. Like many of our other generators, they have EPA Tier 4 emission certifications, and the come in a packaged enclosure designed to prolong life.

We also manufacture a Bullrail Trailer (KPG-28-BR) with a continuous three-phase output of 26 KVA and a rated speed of 1800 RPM. These have Kubota V3300 engines, with an EPA Tier 3 emissions certification, and they also come with a packaged enclosure. They are incredibly useful pieces of equipment to keep on your jobsite, with a wide variety of applications in many industries.

Power Generator Accessories

While you’re thinking about your power needs for the winter season, it’s important to make sure you have all the accessories you need. ESI carries the full line of Thomson Power System transfer switches, which we can ship directly to your site, as well as a range of KPG accessories.

Back-Up Generators That Are Built Arctic Tough

At ESI, we make our own line of generators here in Alaska, which are designed and built by our elite team of engineers and fabricators. Our company is built on a legacy of innovation, doing some of the toughest jobs on Earth, which means we design equipment specifically for Alaskan needs.

We build custom equipment from the ground up, and we’re the people to call if you need something made for a special application. We apply this philosophy to everything we manufacture, including our generators. We understand that when our customers are working in the Arctic, getting the equipment to the jobsite is half the trouble. To that end, our equipment is built not only to operate reliably and efficiently, but to be easily transportable by ice road, bush plane, or any other means.

We know that downtime, whether it’s due to a breakdown or schedule maintenance, is incredibly costly. Working up here is not like working in other parts of the United States, and we know you need high reliability and excellent service that won’t let you down when you need it most.

The ESI team also prioritizes environmentally-friendly design, making our use of fossil fuels as efficient as possible in order to minimize your jobsite’s carbon footprint.

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