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Treat yourself! Top 5 PFD ideas at ESI

2022 brings a mass payment this year when it comes to the Permanent Fund Dividend also known as the PFD. How do you plan on spending your dividend this year? Equipment Source Inc. has some great options you may not know about. Below are our top five choices.

#1 – Austin Air PurifieR

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No more stale winter air! Upgrade the air quality in your home or office. Check out the Austin Air HealthMate air purifier. It’s been proven to remove up to 99% of all airborne contaminants as small as 0.1 microns. The filter will effectively remove chemicals, gases, viruses, and odors, instantly improving the air quality. Plus, with a 5-year charcoal filter, it’s super low maintenance.
Learn more about Austin Air Purifiers.

#2 – Ariens RapidTrak Snow Blower

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Ariens has exclusive technology when it comes to its RapidTrak system. There’s an adjustable tracked or wheeled machine that’s designed to provide you ultimate power and versatility for any winter condition. Keep traction whether you’re on a hill or slippery driveway! The intuitive user-friendly design allows operators to switch between settings in seconds. 

Learn about our new program called Arctic Check and the models we carry.

#3 – Tractor Attachments

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Attachments for summer and winter are a must when you have heavy equipment. Accessories can help you tackle more projects and get the job done faster. We carry a wide range of tractor attachments from your favorite brands like Kubota, Snow Wolf, Land Pride, Erskine, and more!

What attachment do you need? Click here to learn more.

#4 – Invest in Servicing your equipment

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Preventative maintenance is important for many reasons. For starters, it keeps operating costs low and reduces downtime. Safety is another important reason; you can prevent dangerous conditions for yourself and all workers. Our service team at ESI can help you set up a maintenance program to keep your equipment at peak performance all year long. Plus, you’ll be ready to go come summer.

Need to get your equipment serviced? Contact us today.

#5 – Down Payment on your next big purchase

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We have generators, heaters, water pumps, and heavy equipment to help you with any of your current or upcoming projects. Needing to customize equipment to fit your specific needs? Let’s talk, give us a call and how we can help.
Pro Tip: Fill out our “Customize It” form online and one of our sales reps will get back to you during business hours.

Whether you’re looking to add to your fleet, clean up your air, or need something custom-built, these are just a few of the ways that you can treat yourself, and your household, with your permanent fund. We’re proud to say we manufacture Made in Alaska products that are Built Arctic Tough, and we provide service and support throughout the state of Alaska. Stop by or call our Anchorage or Fairbanks location today to learn more!