Commercial snowblower in snow and ice

5 Benefits of Purchasing an Ariens Commercial Snowblower in Alaska for the Upcoming Alaskan Winter

Most Alaskans know that once winter approaches, it’s time to start preparing. And with snowflakes the size of apples, you better have some heavy equipment if you hope to keep your commercial space free from snow – and the job running.

Winter is tough no matter where you live. But it’s estimated that Alaska receives around 64 inches of snowfall per year. And if you’re the old-fashioned type, you probably know that shoveling snow in the dead of winter on an arctic worksite is back-breaking work. Combined with average winter temps that stay below freezing, you’re going to have your work cut out for you unless you upgrade – and use modern machinery to your advantage.

Simply put, a snowblower is going to make your life much easier when you need to clear off your commercial site. So, while you’re busy firing up your generator, we’re here to discuss five benefits of using an Ariens commercial snowblower in Alaska.

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4 Reasons Why You Need an Ariens Snowblower Infographic

1. Top Performance in Harsh Winter Conditions

It’s said that the snow shovel was one of the greatest inventions. But even with more than 100 patents on these crude tools since the 1800s, not much has changed.

As you can probably guess, shoveling snow is no easy task. In fact, it’s not uncommon for people to overheat, hyperventilate, and even have a heart attack while out shoveling snow. But the good news is that with an Ariens snowblower, you won’t have to worry about waking up in the hospital after clearing off your commercial space.

A commercial snowblower will save you hours of time and labor. These machines eat snow for a living – it’s what they were built to do. And it makes them an excellent tool for those with injuries or other health conditions that may limit movement.

Take a look at a few of Ariens commercial snowblowers below:

  • Professional Mountaineering Edition – 32 Hydro EFI Rapidtrak – with 32-inch clearing width and powered by the Ariens AX® engine, you’ll be able to push through 90 tons of snow per hour. Perfect for tough jobs in deep snowpack.
  • Compact 24 Rapidtrak – this modest but powerful machine comes with a 24-inch clearing width and is still able to mow through 59 tons of snow per hour. No job is too small for this tracked machine.
  • Professional 28 Rapidtrak Hydro– Another beast powered by Ariens AX® 420cc engine, the Professional 28 is a true commercial clearing machine. This bad boy has heated grips and can clear a mind-blowing (pun intended) 79 tons of snow per hour and throw it as far as 60 feet away.

If you live and work in Alaska, you’re going to need all the muscle that you can get. And when it comes to performance, the Ariens snowblowers listed above are sure to get the job done – no matter how big or small it is.

2. Long Lasting Power and Performance

We’re ripping on snow shovels and there’s no stopping us now. But did you know that the average snow shovel made today may not even make it through an entire Alaskan winter? Ok, that’s a lie. But still. With a commercial snowblower, you don’t even need a shovel.

Commercial snowblowers with proper maintenance and care will last for many years. And these top-performing machines come with warranties that you can count on. Besides, ESI Alaska has a top-of-the-line service department to assist with repairs as well.

Even if your commercial space is modest in size, having the power and reliability of an Ariens commercial snowblower in your shed is the perfect tool for when the skies turn gray, and the unrelenting snow begins falling for days on end. And you’ll rest easier after the job is done – much easier than you would with blistered hands from that old shovel.

3. Throwing Power

It’s a question that you probably want to ask. Just where are you supposed to put all that snow that you have to clear? Well, with an Ariens commercial snowblower, the answer is anywhere you want between – and up to 60 feet away.

The fact is you have to put the snow somewhere. And you don’t want it where it is – keeping you and your employees from getting to where they want to go. But with a commercial snowblower able to spray an arc of snow far enough away, you’ll have no issues worrying about where it lands.

When it comes to the size of your space, you’ll want the right equipment. So, you’ll need to choose a snowblower to suit. That being said, smaller spaces need less throwing power – unless you just want to have a little extra fun.

4. Auto Turn Equipped

That’s right.

Seriously, the power of your snowblower depends a great deal on the size of the engine. And as you’d imagine, the bigger the engine, the heavier the machine is. This is why professional commercial snowblowers come equipped with auto-turn, a feature that adds plenty of power to your steering – to help you get through the deepest snow and move around gracefully on the ice.

If you’ve ever driven a truck or a car without power steering, you probably know just how difficult turning can be. In fact, without power steering, your vehicle might even feel like you’re driving on wooden wheels. But for a snowblower, auto-turn cures all of this.

Auto turn allows you to turn the wheels (or tracks) in any direction. And when the snow is deep, or if you have to make sharp turns to clear off your space just right, having this feature is going to make your snow-clearing job feel effortless – just as it should.

5. You Won’t Have to Wait for Winter to End

The last thing you’re going to want to do in the middle of winter is to close your commercial site and wait for the snow to thaw. After all, what sense does this make?

With an Ariens commercial snowblower, you’re going to be well prepared for the hard Alaskan winters that we all love. Even before the first snowflake falls, knowing that you have the means to clear away your commercial site will keep you resting easy in your long johns after a long day’s work.

Alaskan winters are nothing to laugh about. When you have to get out and work in hard arctic conditions, the last thing you want to do is tote around an old shovel and hope that you don’t freeze to death while you clear out your work site. And though we may work harder out here in Alaska, we definitely know how to work smarter – and having an Ariens commercial snowblower at the ready to get the job done is the best way to keep the hard work going and the big jobs running.

Still need convincing? Reach out to an expert from ESI to learn how a commercial snowblower can be the best investment you’ll ever make.