Special Application Generator in Alaska Winter

Where Can You Get Generators in Alaska?

From your job site to your home, generators can be a great tool to help you get through our tough Alaskan winters. Even if your equipment or workplace is prepared as best for our climate, it’s not guaranteed that it won’t give out. You may even worry about a power outage and your project being behind schedule.

So, what can you do to ensure that your equipment and project keep running smoothly? Equipment Source Inc. (ESI) carries a variety of generator solutions from in-house built to prepackaged units for all budgets. Here’s an overview of the generators that ESI can provide you in Alaska.

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Now is the Time to Invest in a Generator

Generators are a great option if you need reliable power for an energy source. Many people also choose to get generators for their homes that can ensure guaranteed heat throughout the Alaska winter, even if their power goes out. But one of the best things ESI generators can do is help you on your job site.

In Alaska, ESI generators are used for prime power applications, backup generation, and other special projects. If your construction, oil and gas, or remote logistics project need a generator, we can help you. No matter your location, we can ensure that our generators get to your destination, so you don’t have to worry about not having backup power.

One of the best things our generators can do is ensure that you have backup emergency heat. During the arctic winters, if your heat gives out, it can put you and your crew at risk. On top of that, a lack of heat can shut down your job site, costing you valuable time and money. However, with our reliable heaters, you’ll rest assured that your job site will remain warm.

Not only that, but it can help keep your project on track by allowing your employees to work comfortably in cold conditions. ESI heaters are the number one on the north slope oil fields. So, ESI generators will help you finish the job, from backup power to ensuring heat.

What Kind of Generators Can You Get in Alaska?

What Kind of Generators Can You Get in Alaska Infographic

ESI carries a wide range of generators to ensure we have a model suitable for every application. We want to ensure that your chosen generator will work for you, no matter your project.

ESI-made generators are designed and built in Alaska for remote Arctic environments. Every product we carry is tested in the harshest weather conditions to ensure it can withstand even the coldest nights. Our generators are designed with reliability, excellent efficiency, and extended service life to ensure your job site can operate as productively as possible.

Our generators offer a wide range of power, from 6kW to 30kW. With a Kubota engine, you know that our skid generators are built tough to withstand any demand. We also offer EPA Tier 3 and Tier 4 Interim generators that range from 18kW to 45kW of power.

You can also have the option to get spark ignition generators that are run either by natural gas or propane. At ESI, we offer open skid generators, enclosures for cold weather operation, and custom-designed packages. The following are a few highlights of what kind of equipment and generators you can get.

Packaged Generators

We provide our customers with everything they need to complete the job. We have several packaged generator options if you’re looking for generators ready to go. You’ll be able to get your generator, parts, components, materials, equipment, and any accessory items you require.

We have various options for you that range from 7kVA to 150kVA. You can easily find exactly what you need with ESI’s wide range of options.

Shindaiwa Generators

If you’re looking for a big generator that can help you with the whole job site through any weather conditions, the Shindaiwa generator will be the right choice. Built for considerable demand, you can get this generator without worrying about it giving up on you. The Shindaiwa generators are great since they have:

  • 48kW to 120kW dual-voltage generators
  • Ultra-quiet technology for low-noise operation
  • Fit enclosure with ESI Re-Air system for optimal performance in extremely cold weather

Built tough like Alaskans, this generator will reassure your job site that you can complete your project.

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Enclosure Options for KPG Generators

If you’re looking for an enclosure for KPG generators, we have them. No matter your job site, you’re probably looking to protect your equipment, especially your generator. Getting an enclosure can help protect it from weather conditions such as rain, snow, freezing temperatures, and high wings.

We offer a few generator enclosures, including:

  • Re-air enclosure (AR2)
  • Re-air enclosure (AR3)
  • Modular enclosure (ME1)
  • Modular Enclosure (ME2)
  • Modular Enclosure (ME3)
  • Custom enclosure

Each one can fit into a specific generator. And if you have one that doesn’t align with what we already have, our team of engineers can work with you to create the enclosure that suits your needs. With an enclosure for your generator, you won’t have to worry about sub-zero temperatures affecting its performance. The generator enclosures are all temperature-controlled engine compartments.

Why Should You Get a Generator from ESI?

ESI has been helping Alaskan communities for decades. That means we specifically know what it takes for equipment to be reliable and help you get any job done in harsh weather conditions. We care about the products we provide our customers, ensuring that everything we have is the best option for your company.

We are proud to carry big-name equipment such as JCB and Kubota. But we are also the pioneers of innovation in Alaskan-built equipment. We offer custom solutions if you’ve seen our full catalog and still can’t find what you need.

Our expert team of engineers can work with you to create specialized equipment that will help you get the job done. If you’re unsatisfied with our generator options, we can work together to find or create something that fits your job site needs.

Similarly, ESI provides local parts and service support so that we can work on generators anywhere in the state. If, for some reason, the generator you’ve gotten isn’t working, we can help you.

We have helped many different industries with their projects, so we know how to be versatile with your project needs. Our equipment can be used for multiple applications in a wide variety of industries, including:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Construction
  • Aviation
  • Telecommunications
  • Mining
  • Lodges
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Remote Logistics

It’s easy to rent or buy equipment from us because we have a large stock of high-quality equipment and attachments that will help you get the job done. We can work with you to meet your needs even if we’re out of stock.

If you’ve looked through our generator catalog and are unsure if any of them will fit your needs, give us a call, and we can talk you through which generator will be the best for your job site.

Are you ready to get a generator for your job site? Contact ESI today to get started!