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Arctic Tough Equipment: ESI’s Line of Alaska-Made Products

Equipment Source Inc. has helped Alaskans for decades. We have worked to help businesses safely and efficiently get the job done through the Alaska-manufactured equipment we’ve created.

Our products are built to last through the toughest Alaskan weather, so you don’t have to worry about harsh conditions slowing you down. We have a long list of rentals for equipment, including big-name brands such as JCB and Kubota, but the specialized equipment we’ve created is meant for the arctic.

Along with our great selection of heavy equipment, we also have things that can help almost any Alaskan business. They’re high-quality and tested to ensure they’ll withstand the job’s demands. Here’s a guide on the Arctic tough equipment from ESI’s line of Alaska-Made Products.

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How Do We Develop Our Products?

Providing quality equipment for our customers is one of our priorities. We want to ensure that the equipment you get will be perfect for your job. Even when you call our shop, we’ll give you suggestions about the best equipment for the task at hand, even if we don’t have that in stock.

While providing you with equipment from big-name brands like JCB and Kubota can be helpful for the job, we have other products that will supplement your job site. We build custom equipment from the ground up, so if your Alaska business needs something made for a special application, we can do it. Our elite team of engineers and fabricators can help pioneer through your problems to solve any Arctic challenges together.

We test all equipment to ensure that it meets the needs of our customers. Providing high-quality equipment is what we strive for, so we use technology such as:

  • Simul-Phase™ power generation
  • Heat exchange technology
  • Kubota diesel engines
  • Automatic transfer switches
  • Lightweight aluminum paneling

Utilizing this equipment allows us to reach beyond what our customers need. We want to ensure you have all the equipment necessary for your job site. When innovating products that will help you, we think about the following solutions to your Arctic problems:

  • Transport large equipment via boat or plane
  • Refuel your equipment in remote locations
  • Source power and heat from the same generator
  • Light and heat your job site with one product
  • Heat your coffee while you run your drill rig
  • Plug your crew’s vehicles in while you work

The details are what we strive to accomplish when thinking about how we can help you. We also prioritize the efficient use of fossil fuels and minimal impact on the environment in every product we design. Our staff live in Alaska and love spending time outdoors in the Arctic, so we do everything we can to protect the beauty of our home state.

What Industries Does ESI Work With?

At ESI, we have been innovating products for over 20 years. We know that the equipment you want must withstand the tough weather and terrain of Alaska. So, we decided it was time to create products that would help Alaskan businesses in many industries.

We wanted to consider all of the industries that Alaska runs on. This is why we have been working side-by-side with hardworking companies to manufacture equipment that meets their unique needs. Some industries that can benefit from our Alaska-made products include:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Construction
  • Aviation
  • Telecommunications
  • Mining
  • Lodges/ Rural Alaska
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Remote Logistics

Although these are our main industries, we love working with anyone that can benefit from using our products. We’re here to help Alaskans get the job done, whether that’s for work or your backyard.

Our products are made to withstand the harsh demand of many industries. We offer equipment to help you with the job and ensure employee safety. With those factors in mind, we created several products that meet those criteria.

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How ESI Equipment Is Built Arctic Tough

Along with ensuring the equipment meets your job site’s needs, we test to ensure the equipment can withstand the cold weather. Our cold weather test pushes our equipment to function reliably at extreme sub-zero temperatures at our manufacturing site in Fairbanks. We design our products to thrive in Arctic temperatures and operate efficiently under harsh conditions with limited resources.

We also understand that half of the job in the Arctic is getting the equipment to the job site. This is why our equipment is built not only to operate reliably and efficiently in the field, but to disassemble and transport via ice road, barge, bush plane, helicopter, or however you need to get to rural Alaska.

Our staff at ESI will work to get you what you need. We build our equipment, so it’s as tough as Alaskan residents.

What Alaska-Made Equipment Can You Get?

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We have a long list of products to help you get the job done. Our equipment is designed for the Alaska environment to ensure efficiency. Some of our signature innovative products include:

  • ES700 Heater: The benchmark for reliable heat in North Slope, Alaska, to ensure the whole crew is safe.
  • Thaw Boss: A new standard in hydronic heating for Arctic conditions.
  • Re-Air Enclosure: A worry-free way for sub-zero power generation all winter.
  • Long-Run Oil Tank: Runs with 3,000-hour oil change intervals rather than 300.
  • Secondary Containment Unit: No fuel leaks and is environmentally friendly.
  • Triplex Pump: A mobile high-pressure pumping system for oil well head maintenance and development.
  • Mobile Emergency Shower Trailer: A mobile emergency shower trailer with 400 gallons of water prepared for an emergency no matter the temperature.
  • Mobile Arctic Filtration System: Built for oil production companies, the fluid filtration system on the market is designed for cold weather.
  • Generators: Our generators have different capacities to help your job site continue running.

Our products are easy to use and a great way to keep your whole crew safe. Getting equipment like a heater is a great way to keep your staff warm while allowing them to work in harsh weather. It’ll allow you to not worry about the work getting done even when it’s cold out.

Why Choose ESI?

ESI has been an innovative company for over two decades now. We work to ensure that our Alaskan communities get what they need. Our excellent staff will work with you to figure out what you need.

Our in-house team of engineers and fabricators are ready at a moment’s notice to get started on your custom project. We can take your product from design to fabrication to bodywork, sandblasting, and painting your new equipment to match your fleet.

At ESI, we’re here to help you through any job. So, whether you need a big piece of equipment like a JCB excavator, or a small product like an Austin Air Purifier, we’ll help you. We know how stressful it can be to get a project done, so we’re here to make it easier.

If you’re interested in seeing if our custom products fit your company’s needs, you can check out our catalog. And if you don’t see something that fits what you need, you can give our knowledgeable staff a call, and we’ll assist you!

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