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Purchase or Rent Specialized Construction Equipment at ESI: Pipe Grabbers, Augers, and More

Getting equipment for your construction project can sometimes be a tricky thing. Although your business may have some construction equipment, there are some jobs that you take up that may require specific equipment.

So, what can you do when you need equipment for one job? Here at Equipment Source Inc., we can provide ways to complete any Alaskan construction job through purchased or rented equipment. Here’s a guide on specialized construction equipment at ESI to help get any job done.

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What Small Construction Equipment Can You Get at ESI?

What Small Construction Equipment Can You Get at ESI Infographic

At ESI, our small construction equipment is all available for rent. We know that you don’t always need to purchase small pieces that will help you complete one project. So, we offer ways to easily rent the equipment for the time you need.

With so many construction jobs in Alaska, we know your business needs to be versatile. You’ve had to compete against getting the right equipment, weather conditions, and unique environmental challenges. So, our equipment is all weather tested and prepared for any Alaska job.

Some of the small equipment that is available for rent include:

  • Auger
  • Auger extension
  • Stump grinder bit for auger
  • 4 in 1 bucket, grapple, or tilt attach
  • Pallet forks
  • Snow blade
  • Kick broom

Renting the small equipment allows you to utilize them for a short period without needing to buy them. You can also look at our equipment rental list and see if we have what you need. If you aren’t sure if we have the equipment you need, we also offer the option for you to work with our engineers to curate equipment to help you complete your project.

We also offer many construction equipment attachments that can help you get the job done, including:

  • Augers and hydraulic breakers for skid steers and Kubota KX040 excavators
  • Skid Steer brush cutters
  • Skid Steer Grapples
  • Skid Steer vibratory compactor

The small equipment available at ESI can help you accomplish your job more cost-effective and efficiently.

What Large Construction Equipment Can You Get at ESI?

At ESI, we value the large construction equipment as much as the smaller ones. We know that specialized construction equipment is crucial for getting your Alaska business done right.

But what can you get at ESI? The well-known construction equipment we carry at ESI includes JCB and Kubota. You can get several of their products to help with various jobs. The following are some of the highlights for specialized large construction equipment.

JCB 220X Excavator

One of the highlights of equipment we carry at ESI includes JCB 220X excavators. These are available for rent and can take up to 53,000 pounds. These excavators incorporate JCB’s new cab design for exceptional operator comfort.

These excavators are ready for your heavy dirt project. Some highlights of this product include:

  • Machine shaker rig testing to replicate 15,000 hours of tracking and vibration.
  • 30,000 window and door operation tests prove component quality.
  • Hot and cold climate testing -22°F to 130°F in controlled conditions and locations worldwide.
  • The 220X EcoDieselmax engine has been tested to 110,000 hours in 70 different machines across the most demanding environments.

Are you looking for a specific piece of equipment for your construction project? Call ESI today to learn how we can help you!

JCB 150X Excavator

We offer another JCB excavator at ESI that can take up to 39,000 pounds. This is a versatile large frame excavator capable of small and large projects, and it’s also equipped with a hydraulic thumb.

Similar to the 200X excavator, the JCB 150X has a comfortable cab for maximum comfort while allowing you space to move around. It’s also weather tested to ensure it continues to work despite the toughest of Alaska weather.

One of the highlights of this product includes its aim at excellent control, which consists of the following:

  • Customizable proportional controls allow operators to set their speed preferences and control attachments.
  • Proven Japanese hydraulics deliver precise and efficient control. Operators can select Auto Stop and Auto Idle depending on preference.
  • The power boost button increases pressure by 9% for up to 9 seconds to provide extra tear out in tough conditions.

This excavator has been tested to ensure precise and efficient control. You can use this equipment to help you through several construction projects.

JCB Hydradig

The JCB Hydradig is a wheel excavator available for rent at ESI. It’s equipped with rubber tires that allow this excavator to work efficiently on finished surfaces without damaging pavement or other surfaces.

This equipment is excellent for job site versatility with a 4-wheel steer that can travel up to 25 mph. You can utilize a hydraulic thumb and dozer blade with this product. The JCB Hydradig has a maximum operating weight of 25,258 pounds that can help you through several jobs on your project.

The cab is another feature of this JCB product that allows you to work comfortably while operating or moving it on the highway or site. This specialized equipment can help you for 500 hours greasing on all dig end, dozer, and stabilizer grease points, giving maximum uptime. This piece of equipment is excellent for several configurations, including:

  • Triple articulating boom (TAB)
  • Rear parallel dozer
  • Solideal/Camso 9.00×20 dual wheels
  • 6-foot 7-inch dipper
  • High-flow proportional hydraulics
  • Two low-flow proportional hydraulic circuits
  • Case drain
  • CommandPlus cab with heat and A/C
  • JCB Smoothride System (SRS)
  • Hand-held tool circuit
  • Quick coupler pipework
  • Rotating amber strobe beacon
  • Heated and air suspension seat
  • Radio, USB, 3.5 mm jack, and 12 V socket
  • LED work lights
  • Wheel fenders
  • Clevis towing hitch
  • Block heater
  • Hose burst check valves
  • Hydraulic coupler
  • 24-inch HD bucket

Why Should You Choose ESI?

ESI has been working with the Alaskan community for over two decades. We hope to provide your job site with small and large equipment that can get the job done.

At ESI, we keep a large equipment inventory to help get you what you need promptly. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, you can call us to see how we can help you get the equipment required. We want to ensure you can complete your construction project to help improve the Alaskan community.

Our team provides a top-notch customer experience, making getting the equipment much more effortless. You’ll get experts who know both construction and agriculture to help guide you in the right direction.

At ESI, we help many industries with their projects so they can complete their work by the deadline. Businesses can use our equipment for several industries, including:

  • Oil and gas
  • Construction
  • Aviation
  • Telecommunications
  • Mining
  • Lodges
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Remote Logistics

We make it easy to rent or buy from ESI because we stock high-quality equipment and attachments that will get the job done. Our equipment and customer service also provide excellent value to our customers.

Our impressive inventory allows you to start your projects without waiting for equipment to arrive. We also provide complete parts to support all of the equipment and attachments that we sell.

Are you ready to get help with your job site? Contact ESI today to learn how we can fit the specific needs of your project!