ESI re-air generator

Three Generators to Keep Your Alaska Job Site Running

Generators are only as good as their ability to start. If you’re working in rural Alaska, it’s not just an inconvenience. The inability to generate electricity can put you in a very sticky situation.

Equipment Source, Inc. (ESI) has been working on Alaska’s North Slope since 2000. That means we have more than two decades of experience working in the toughest conditions on earth. We know that the key to getting the job done is having reliable equipment that starts the first time, every time. That’s why we manufacture our own generators. We’ve built them in partnership with customers, based on a constant feedback loop that tells us exactly what they need and why. The result is one of the hardest-working products available on the market, designed specifically for Arctic applications.

If your job site needs a tough power source that won’t let you down, no matter how brutal the conditions, check out ESI’s range of Alaskan-made generators.

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ESI Alaska Re-Air Generator

ESI’s re-air generator provides worry-free sub-zero power generation all winter and includes a temperature-controlled engine compartment. It’s driven by a powerful Kubota diesel engine.

The re-air design regulates airflow in cold conditions to eliminate power drops and elevated emission levels. Importantly, this also extends the life of the engine by creating better operating conditions. It comes in 12kW to 45kW gen-set options suitable for multiple applications.

The process is simple. When the weather is cold, the automated damper rotates back, distributing warm air into the enclosure while dumping excess heat. When it’s warm out, however, warm air from the engine is dumped outside the enclosure, keeping it cool. It’s an efficient process that means this generator can keep your rural Alaskan jobsite running all year around.

The full tank size is variable but the standard is 80 gallons. It can be mounted on skids or a trailer to ensure you can take it wherever you need it to go. Here’s a list of the key features:

  • Large access doors for easy maintenance
  • Isolation breakers on all load connections
  • Durable winter coat finish
  • Fully winterized engine
  • Large interior fill pipe
  • Arctic grade wiring
  • Full containment

A key feature of ESI products is the customizability. This generator, for example, can come with features such as a long-run oil pan, fork pockets, lifting D rings, or an onboard 20kW load bank to keep the engine working at the same level. There is also the option to add a selectable voltage output of 208V or 280V (three-phase) or an automatic transfer switch.

Essentially, if you’re thinking about upgrading the generators on your jobsite, you should talk to our team. We’ll be able to talk you through the existing range as well as all the customization options to ensure you find something that will suit your needs.

Shindaiwa Generators

Here at ESI, we’re committed to finding the best solutions for our customers. That’s why, in addition to the products we manufacture ourselves, we recommend the toughest products on the market.

Shindaiwa generators are a good example of this. The range includes 48kW to 120kW dual-voltage generators that have ultra-quiet technology to reduce the risk of hearing damage on your site. We also fit the enclosure with the ESI re-air system to optimize performance in extreme weather.

Here are three great examples:

  1. Shindaiwa 150KVA Packaged Generator

This is an excellent generator for Arctic applications. It’s powerful, with both single-phase and three-phase voltage settings. It’s powered by a fuel-efficient Isuzu engine and runs on diesel. It comes with a durable enclosure, which provides some protection from the wild weather Alaska throws its way. When that’s paired with our re-air technology, we’ve seen it perform well in all temperatures.

This model is surprisingly lightweight, which makes it easy to transport and fit into small spaces. It has a thermal relay designed to open the main circuit breaker in the event of an overload, which will protect the engine. Low oil pressure or high coolant temperature will also trigger an automatic shutdown. It’s designed with rugged applications in mind, which makes it perfect for Alaskan jobs.

This generator offers the same great benefits as the 150KVA model but with more simplicity. It’s easy to connect to your jobsite and very simple to operate, which means your crew can hit the ground running. It also has a voltage selector, making it easy to match the generator’s output to the desired load, with a lockable switch that protects the motor against improper charges.

This model, like the one above, is brushless. This significantly reduces the amount of friction that occurs inside the generator when its running and has fewer moving parts to break. There are also advantages when it comes to cleaning, servicing, and repairing your generator. It has a vertical water-cooled four-cycle diesel engine with direct fuel injection, a turbo, and an intercooler.

This generator can also come mounted on skids or a trailer to suit your requirements.

This generator is a great all-rounder. It has a large 111-gallon fuel tank and an eco-mode which means it save money by using less fuel. Like the others, it has a two-way tank valve that makes it straightforward to connect with auxiliary tanks. All three Shindaiwa generators we’ve discussed have an electric start, which is another huge advantage when you’re working in extreme temperatures.

One of the reasons we distribute Shindaiwa products is because we share values. Like us, Shindaiwa is committed to manufacturing high quality products for people who rely on their tools. It started in 1955 with the release of an electric chainsaw and has gone from strength to strength, always looking for new ways to better meet the needs of its customers. It’s evolved over the years, expanding into deck saws, blowers, engine cutters, power brooms, hedge trimmers – and yes, generators too.

ESI Alaska Customized Generators

ESI’s long-run oil tank generators provide an innovative and unique extended run option for crews working in extreme conditions. This extends oil change intervals to 3,000 hours, with dual remote oil filters that reduce maintenance costs and increase engine life, with significant long-term savings.

This is something we developed based on feedback from our customers. Stopping work in sub-zero temperatures to maintain and repair a generator comes with a big cost. This solution is designed to minimize the time your workers put their tools down so your jobsite can stay on-budget.

Everything we manufacture and sell is designed and built at our factory in Fairbanks, Alaska. We cold test everything to ensure it is suitable for frigid weather operations. If you have ideas about ways we could modify our products to better suit your needs, we’d love to hear them.

Fill out the “Customize It” form on our website to tell us who you are, where you’re based, what type of equipment you need, what application it will be used for, and the relevant timeframe. We offer this service for heaters and pumps as well as generators. Once you submit the form, one of our engineers will be in touch to discuss your needs and start designing a custom solution.

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